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Heidi’s celebrates 10 years

Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics, 149 West End Ave., is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

“It is really a blessing because people have given us a chance and have come here,” owner and instructor Heidi de la Rocha said of her unique business.

“If it wasn’t for the parents, we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing,” she added.

“We do gymnastics but I incorporate a lot of fun games in it, a lot of creative-type movements,” de la Rocha said.

“We’re definitely a non-competitive program, and we do music … the type of music we do is motor-skill development music.

“It’s just a fun way to learn in a fun environment,” she added.

De la Rocha develops her own curriculum and even designs her own equipment to best meet her students’ needs and to improve their motor skills.

“I try to create a curriculum that is motivating, that’s fun, that’s creative, and that really works that fine and gross motor skill development, as well as the gymnastics part of it,” de la Rocha said.

“I’m constantly revising [the curriculum], developing it for different classes.

“Each week, we’re doing something different in here, which I think is important for kids so they stay inspired and stay motivated,” she added.

She accepts students ages 18 months to 11 years, but will accept no more than six to a class, or four to a class for special-needs children.

“A child can really learn here because there aren’t a lot of kids in a class,” de la Rocha said.

De la Rocha is “really passionate” about the business’s special-needs population.

“Kids can come and learn and are made to feel good and comfortable,” she said.

“And the parents can come and feel secure too, like ‘No one is going to ask my child to leave. This is a fun place … and my child is learning, and my child is having fun.’

“That’s a great passion I have as far as our program goes: everyone will learn, everyone is equal and everyone will be treated the same,” she added.

De la Rocha and husband, Ashley, run the business, with the help of some of their own five children.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this, probably since I was 19. It just developed from a passion I had, from an obsession, my family would probably say,” de la Rocha said. In all, de la Rocha teaches 37 classes a week, six days a week.

“I want to have that experience with the children. If I’m not there, I can’t create … I’m really hands-on,” she said.

De la Rocha said she appreciates the warm reception she’s received from the Farragut community.

“The [parents] have spread the word … that’s the lifeline of the business,” she said.

For its anniversary, the business is offering a discount on registration fees.

“We’re celebrating 10 years, which is a miracle and a blessing. … This started as a dream and has evolved to Heidi’s Musical Gymnastics,” de la Rocha said.


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