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• This is in regard to the article entitled “Through the Lens: filling empty buildings.” I would like to see the old Kroger building become a new senior center. The old one is very nice, the Strang Center, but it is very small, and this could allow a lot more activities and events.

• I live in Farragut. I want to express my opinion that we definitely, definitely should limit Farragut officials to two four-year terms … that’s all. I think the best thing that could happen in this country is to limit Congress to two four-year terms, but of course Congress is the one that would have to vote that in, and that’s never going to happen. Anyway, I just wanted to express my opinion. Thank you for letting me do that.

• Has anyone been to the Strang Senior Center recently? If you have, or if you have been to any of their lovely programs that they have, including their special when Patricia Neal was there, I wonder where you parked. You’ll see seniors driving around in circles trying to avoid walking a block to get in. The other problem is they have limited reservations for many programs [and] exercise classes are overflowing. We need a bigger center. Please consider the old Kroger building. It would give us enough parking and it would give us plenty of space for also a community room for all of Farragut. Please consider this; we need it badly. The seniors have helped Farragut for years. Please help us.

• I’d like to comment about the editor’s note in the May 14 issue of presstalk. The editor’s note is unbelievable. Claiming that only 1,600 people were upset makes one wonder why the editor did not understand that only 763 people were happy with the islands. How about a little truth using your own numbers? Out of 20,000 potential voters, 13,550 people would have been upset, which is 67.75 percent of the voters if all those who could have voted would have voted. Only 6,450 were happy with the decisions. If you’re going to draw conclusions, at least be fair and apply your logic to both sides of the issue.

Editor’s Note: Our assumption was based on the total number of voters who did indeed vote. We can’t speculate how those who didn’t vote would have voted during the 20-day voting opportunity. We can only speculate that those who didn’t vote didn’t care enough about the issue to bother to vote.

• Via e-mail: I saw your May 15 article about the new redlight camera contract. I also read some of the older articles. I could not find the contract terms — that is, if it guarantees the city that the city will never have to pay more for the program than it receives in fines, or simply says that the city pays so much a ticket. The contract terms are of interest because of a case currently in the [California] Supreme Court.

Editor’s Note: According to the contract, Redflex collects all fees and the Town is paid according to how many tickets are issued and paid per each approach at an intersection: $32 per ticket if there are 151 or more citations paid per month, $25 per ticket if there are 101 to 150 citations paid per month and $10.50 if there are 1 to 100 citations paid per month. The contract also claims “cost neutrality” for the Town, meaning the Town will “never be required to pay Redflex more than actual cash received.”

• Via e-mail: I am e-mailing in reference to your “Editor’s Note” in the farragutpress on May 14, regarding SUVs!! I think it is a shame that you felt it necessary to lump all SUV drivers into one category, as “tailgaters!” I am 58 years old, been driving since I was 16, have never gotten a ticket for anything or have had an accident. I have been driving large-model SUVs for many years and I never tailgate! I choose to obey the laws! I can’t tell you how many times that I am “tailgated” by any number of “make and model” cars, each and everytime I drive! I bet at least 80 percent of the population of Knoxville and other cities “tailgate!” Just because your Editor and employees choose to discriminate against SUV drivers ... you shouldn’t be so shallow and callous to blame it all on us SUV drivers! Last time I looked ... this was a free country and its citizens could drive whatever they wanted! Just as they also can choose to “drive the way they want!” So don’t be so snobbish as to blame “all” the tailgating on the SUV drivers ... if that’s all you are seeing, then you must not be paying attention to your own driving ... and while you’re looking around to see if any SUVs are tailgating ... maybe you’re tailgating too!! The majority of people who drive ... tailgate! And if you don’t realize that ... you’re too busy singling out SUV drivers!!

• Via e-mail: Regarding the “traffic calming” islands on Grigsby Chapel Road: If “traffic calming” means slowing down cars exceeding the speed limit—it’s NOT working! There have been wrecks already. Sooner or later someone will be badly injured or killed. The long island in a curve is especially dangerous! Putting barriers in a road that is already too narrow for the traffic just does not make sense.

Editor’s Note: As previously reported, the lanes are 14 feet wide at the islands, more than twice the width of a standard SUV. The curbs outlining the islands are within the existing solid yellow lane stripes.

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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