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police reports

• May 14: A Duke Street woman advised Knox County Sheriff’s officer Angie Quinn an unknown suspect took her wallet, which she placed on top of a gas pump at a convenience store off Clinton Highway while she went inside the store to pay for her gas. Complainant stated she returned to her vehicle to find the wallet had been taken; she also advised the convenience store does not have video surveillance.

• May 14: A Bud Hawkins Road woman advised KCSO officer Matthew Schlosshan an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle, parked at her residence, through an unlocked door. No items were missing and there was no damage to the vehicle, but complainant stated the door to the vehicle had been left open by the suspect.

• May 14: KCSO officer Lucas Rader responded to a residence off Old Clinton Pike to investigate a burglary that occurred earlier that day. Officer observed the front door’s frame had been broken but was still intact. Victim stated the only thing missing from his apartment was a cell phone. Witness said she heard people coming up the stairs and what sounded “like a boom.” Witness saw three unknown African-American males, one dark-skinned with dreadlocks and two light-skinned, walking away from the apartment. They entered a white, four-door Infiniti with tinted windows and a temporary tag.

• May 15: KCSO officer Ben Hibbert responded to Farragut High School on report of a hit and run with property damage. Victim stated a known suspect struck her vehicle while he was backing his vehicle out of a parking space. Victim stated the suspect then drove away from the scene. Victim’s vehicle had minor damage to the passenger side door.

• May 18: KCSO officer Amy Siples responded to a residence off Dundee Road in reference to a dog bite. Complainant stated she was at the residence talking to friends when she heard screams from the front yard. She ran to the front yard where she saw three dogs attacking a small boy. Complainant then ran toward the dogs, yelling at them to get away. The dogs turned on her and bit her several times in both legs. The boy was able to run to safety, but had several bite marks on his thighs. The victim was taken to his home by officers and released to his father. Complainant fought off the animals and ran inside to call police. The dogs then ran down the street to another residence, where they attacked a man while he was mowing his lawn. The man stated the dogs jumped on him and knocked him down, but he used the lawn mower as a barrier and ran into his house. Another man saw this attack as he was in his vehicle, and drove his vehicle toward the dogs, distracting them so the male victim could escape. Animal Control arrived and located the owner of the dogs; the dogs were identified by all the victims. The dogs’ owner, a Duzane Drive woman, yelled and cursed at the Animal Control officer, and was “extremely rude and belligerent,” refusing to place her dogs in the officer’s truck. The owner then let her dogs out of the house, at which point one of them attempted to attack the Animal Control officer. Another of the dogs was growling and barking, and had to be restrained by the owner. All of the victims refused an ambulance but elected to drive to the emergency room themselves.

• May 18: KCSO officer Clark Caswill responded to a residence off Sandringham Court to a disturbance call. Complainant stated he leaves his garage door open approximately one foot to allow his dogs access to the garage. Complainant stated an unknown suspect rang his doorbell but complainant did not answer the door. He was upstairs and looked out the window to see at least one white male sitting in a silver mid-size vehicle in his driveway. Complainant went downstairs carrying his child and was confronted by an unknown white male in his kitchen, who had made entry through his garage. Suspect asked the complainant if he was “Mike” and when complainant stated “No,” the suspect left in the silver vehicle with the other white male. Suspects left the scene and headed towards Kingston Pike.

• May 18: A Smith Road man advised KCSO officer Pamela Wyrick an unknown suspect took a utility trailer from his property. Complainant stated the trailer was chained to a tree with a 15-foot log chain, and the suspect cut the chain with bolt cutters. Trailer was homemade and did not have serial numbers.


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