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• I looked at the [Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission] Web page to check out the County Commission redistricting plans. I see [Frank] Leuthold’s plan to split Farragut in half failed the requirement to balance the district populations, but succeeds in protecting all the incumbent commissioners. I guess Frank doesn’t believe in one man, one vote, or in Farragut. Maybe it’s time for Frank to keep his nose out of politics for the good of everyone in the fifth district and the rest of the County.

• The installation of Redflex cameras at the intersections in Farragut is just one more way to squeeze money out of the citizenry. Tom Hale, the Town attorney, has suddenly become an expert on camera systems, claiming they’ll be there for safety reasons and not for the money the Town will reap. How disingenuous can he be? I’ve driven where cameras have been installed in Knoxville and had to slam on my breaks several times when the caution light suddenly changed to red. This happened even when I approached with caution. Each time they occurred, I prayed the car in back would not plow into my trunk. I’m not sure how many rear-end accidents will happen because of the cameras, but I try to avoid those intersections where they are installed. If the Town has become so poor where they have to put in “big brother” cameras to ensure more revenue, they should at least lengthen the time that the caution lights stay on. Hopefully, this move might minimize the number of accidents that are bound to occur with these cameras.

• No. 1: yes, we need term limits. We need them on a local level, we need them on a County level, we need them on a state level and we most certainly need them on a federal level. We have seen, for way too many years, what can happen and what does happen when people just get re-elected and re-elected and re-elected: the sense of entitlement corrupts and the people are not served. No. 2, the red light cameras: support them; we need to put them around all the schools. It amazes me the number of parents with children in the car that drive like maniacs, risk[ing] other people and their own children. No. 3, the calming islands: I have yet to meet anyone or talk to anyone who thought they were a good idea. They were handled totally improperly.

Editor’s Note: We have received and published several people’s comments about how they like the islands and that the Town should go ahead and finish the job.

• I was calling to say I am in favor of the redlight cameras and always have been. We definitely need them sooner rather than later at all the schools. I have to drive by the Farragut Primary School every single morning on my way to work, and at lunch, when I go home to let my dogs out. Every single day, there is more than one parent who runs a redlight, who exceeds the speed limit, and I say “parents” because they have children in their car that they are dropping off at the Primary School. To these parents, I say to you: If you have so little respect and affection for your own life and your own children, that’s bad enough. But you have no right to disrespect and demean my life or that of others. The sooner we get a camera in there, the sooner these people will start getting tickets, and it’ll hit them where maybe it actually matters to them, in the pocketbook, because they obviously don’t care about you, me, our kids or theirs.

• I was just reading this presstalk that came in today, this is the 22nd of May, and I just wondered why the farragutpress finds it necessary to argue with people who are leaving comments on presstalk. I’ve never seen a place where the paper would argue with people who have an opinion to express. I don’t get it. I wonder why every comment on presstalk is now followed by some kind of rebuttal or argument or reason it can’t be done or defending something. It seems a little out of line to me.

Editor’s Note: As you may notice, we do not add editor's notes to “Letters to the Editor,” since they are signed and verified before publishing. But like we have said before, since presstalk is anonymous, we feel it is our duty to correct erroneous or misleading information submitted to this section of our newspaper.

• I truly feel sorry for the Dimmick family who live on McFee Road where the former Seal property is that the town of Farragut bought. Granted, the previous administration of the town of Farragut totally ignored the citizens of Farragut’s thoughts, opinions and so forth in regards to purchasing this property, as they have on other issues concerning residents and residential areas in the town of Farragut. Mr. [Ralph] Dimmick, I know you no longer feel that your home has the value, safety, security, serenity it did before, but the town of Farragut does not need to be spending that kind of money to purchase your property, especially when there is no specific designated use, and when there are no funds guaranteed to develop it. We have too many people in Farragut and the rest of the country who are out of work, there are too many tax dollars that have been reduced or eliminated to support existing programs. Mr. Dimmick, I suggest you find a developer or a good realtor; that would be your best course of action if you no longer want to live there.

• Via e-mail: For those complaining about the calming islands, I recommend they stay up to date on Farragut happenings. The islands were debated and voted on months ago and you missed your chance to object then. If landscaped properly they will be a lovely addition to our lovely community and will have a positive impact on all our property values.

• Via e-mail: I would like to know when they are going to finish the Islands on Grigsby Chapel Road. It will be beautiful when completed and hopefully the landscape will be similar to Turkey Creek’s landscaping. When are they going to widen Campbell Station and put a light at Everett Road? I think this will help the traffic problem on Grigsby Chapel.

• Via e-mail: Since we have a new administration I wonder if they will continue and step up the work on connecting the community. I like to bike but much prefer a pathway, sidewalk, etc. to traveling with the cars on the busier roads, specifically Kingston Pike. There are dead spaces to the sidewalks on Kingston Pike between Smith Road and Campbell Station Road in front of Village Green across from the Baptist Church. Could we not get a sidewalk there? Also, going west on Kingston Pike after Sugarwood subdivision and in front of the golf course there is no sidewalk. I would like to be able to bike to McFee Park with my children, but cannot. All that great pathways but a cyclist cannot get there safely from north of Kingston Pike and east of Sugarwood subdivision. It seems a very small amount of path/sidewalk to be completed and the whole town would have safe access by biking, walking or jogging to our parks.


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