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• I live in a subdivision off Grigsby Chapel Road. The calming islands are a public nuisance and extreme danger to drivers, as well as pedestrians, and a severe obstacle to emergency vehicles that could possibly be trying to get through. On Sundays when the church is let out or even in the mornings during rush hour traffic, the islands are dangerous. If someone needed an ambulance or if someone’s house were on fire, there’s no way that vehicle could get through there and you can’t really compare these islands to the Turkey Creek islands, because Grigsby Chapel only has one lane going in each direction, whereas Turkey Creek has two lanes. So it’s ridiculous trying to compare that situation with a heavily trafficked area like Turkey Creek where there’s stores and shops.

• I would like to comment on your article regarding Memorial Day. I think, more than ever, we should honor the men and women who have died in service to our country. I was glad to see a picture of the wreath being placed on the memorial at Evans Road. … And I just wanted to let you know we personally made a visit there Memorial Day to pray for those who were buried there and to remember them. I just think it’s a good idea to continue to honor these people on Memorial Day.

• I guess it’s a sure sign of spring when CBFO softball has a controversy. Once again, a coach has been let go or taken out of the league for very little cause. It’s very upsetting as a parent who loves the game to see this kind of thing go on and on and on. I think it’s time for a change on the EC at CBFO softball.

• This is in regard to the red light cameras that they want to put in Farragut. First, I think it’s a good idea. We actually got a ticket going through a red light at Papermill and Kingston Pike near P.F. Chang’s. It was on a Sunday about 12:30, and we were headed to a UT game. There was no traffic on the road; we happened to be glancing to the left and right and kind of sightseeing, and not paying attention, basically, to what we were doing. A car approached from the opposite direction at the same time we went through, and I looked up and said, “Oo. Red light.” Sure enough, within whatever time period it was, we got a ticket in the mail. What was interesting was you can actually go on-line to pay it and see your moving violation as it happened. So there was no question: it was us and we were guilty. We’re a little more careful now. We try very hard in Farragut, because we are bike riders, to stay behind the lines so we give pedestrians and the bike riders access to the crosswalk, which most people do not. And coming up on a turn going right, it is amazing how people just sail right through a light. They don’t even come close to stopping. So I think it is a good idea; maybe it will make us all be better drivers.

• Via e-mail: Well since I am learning that this is a good place to complain ... I am writing in to voice my opinion on recent construction next to the new “Super Kroger.” I think it really sucks to see the rest of that beautiful horse farm next to it ate up by development. It’s great driving past there and seeing green fields and horses grazing versus ugly strip malls and pavement. The old Kroger is empty and there are lots of empty strip malls in Turkey Creek ... why not just concentrate on keeping business there versus developing more “stuff” that is probably going to sit empty anyway? I hope Farragut doesn’t become a place with a dry cleaner on every corner.

• Via e-mail: I am quite disappointed in the City of Farragut with these silly calming islands. I think the person who called them islands of terror is more accurate. Over the past couple days I have noticed a series of problems. First, the islands were designed along the curves of the road. That is very poor planning and very dangerous. On these rainy days we have had recently, I have come close to running over the curb on several occasions even though I have a fairly compact Honda Odyssey. Second, I ran over a squirrel yesterday since there is no chance of moving your car just a couple feet to the left to avoid our little friends. Finally, when they are doing work on the side of the road, now they need to shut down the road in one direction with police instead of just putting a few cones out to allow traffic to pass both ways. We have had several long delays the past few days from an LCUB issue on Grigsby Chapel. I think the Farragut Press’s response to complaints about these islands has been poor at best. The Press’ arguments in favor of the islands are always weak and typically center on things such as the lack of public participation at town meetings as equating with a positive impression of the project. I wish someone from the Farragut Press would just get out of the office and stop by 500 or [so] houses in the Grigsby Chapel Road area and get a true idea of what people think. I have not talked to a SINGLE person who thinks they are a good idea. They are truly islands of terror as someone astutely stated previously. Please, please mayor, please do something!

Editor’s Note: Soliciting opinion from the public on Town safety issues is a job for the town of Farragut, on which the Town exercised its due diligence by holding public meetings and talks during Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meetings. We don’t consider this weak; we consider this due process.

• Via e-mail: Why are we being asked, yet again, if we think the town of Farragut needs red light cameras? Many have already written in about this. It seems as if it is a done deal, and no point in discussing it now! I personally don’t think they will help anything. I think they will make things worse. I heard on PBS radio that they found that they (the cameras) actually cause more rear-end collisions. A simple solution, and more cost-effective, and safer too, is just to let the yellow light remain on longer. Why can’t we just do that?? Why does everyone feel so compelled to go with these devices, as you called them?

• Via e-mail: Many Farragut citizens, including myself, support the traffic calming islands and want them to be completed as soon as possible. As reported in this newspaper as the debate unfolded, there were several years of discussion by the Board of Aldermen on what to do about high speed traffic on Smith and Grigsby Chapel Roads. The traffic calming islands were agreed to in open debate and after public comment. Get over it!

• Via e-mail: As far as the caller who stated that Redflex cameras are “just one more way to squeeze money out of the (Farragut) citizenry,” I find it difficult to see how a government that receives tax money indirectly from the County by population proportion and does not set property tax or sales tax rates can even be imagined to be “squeezing” money out of its citizens. As far as having to “slam on [your] brakes” when the caution light suddenly changed to red, you are in essence saying that, without the camera, you would have illegally entered an intersection when the caution light was on. You could not make a better argument than that in support of their installation.

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