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Lenn retires after 38 years with KCS

A.L. Lotts Elementary School principal Emily Lenn has decided the time has come to end her 38-year career as an educator.

“It really is the hardest decision I have ever made. I wasn’t really planning to do it this soon. There have been a lot of mixed emotions,” Lenn said.

“It has been very emotional for me because I love what I do and I love my school and my students and families and staff. It is just a wonderful place to work,” she added.

Before moving to A.L. Lotts, Lenn was principal at Farragut Primary School from 1997 through 2004.

“I was principal at Farragut Primary for seven years before I came here to Lotts and I absolutely loved it there. It was a great experience,” she said.

During her tenure at FPS, Lenn was given the opportunity to apply for a spot on the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, which she won.

“Farragut Primary was a member and I occasionally went to some of their networkings and got to know people. They suggested I apply … and I won.

“I really enjoyed it. I got to meet so many people in that position. I am the only educator who has ever been on that board. It was really interesting and fulfilling. It was totally different from all my years in education,” Lenn said.

In addition to her years as principal at FPS and A.L. Lotts, Lenn spent 13 years as as elementary mathematics specialist.

“I traveled to several schools. I actually had Lotts the first year it was opened. I had Farragut Primary for many years. I had a caseload of schools, so I knew a lot of the teachers in these schools for a long time. I had basically a different school every day,” she said.

“I taught demonstration lessons, wrote curriculums, did workshops, helped the teachers with their record-keeping and with ideas. It was really a neat job. I loved it.”

Lenn said although she enjoyed the constant change the position allowed, it also was part of the reason she decided to pursue the administrative side of education.

“I had traveled to so many schools over the county and I got to know so many people and I got to see a bigger picture than you do when you are just in the classroom. I felt like I could influence and help more people as an administrator than I could in the classroom,” she said.

So, what does Lenn plan to do with her newfound freedom?

“The first thing I am going to do is run a camp here at school. I did that last summer for the first time and it was wonderful,” she said.

“I hope I will be invited back to do some things for the system and I would love to continue to be involved with education for several more years.

“I think I have some more good years left in me,” she added.


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