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Reeves threatens suit

I read a story recently of a report of the Farragut town engineer that the traffic islands on Grigsby Chapel Road are nearing completion. Iím sure he is just doing his job, but I thought these were on hold for evaluation. I have no doubt that this mess influenced voters in the recent Farragut election. It is also one of the dumbest things I have seen the Town do.

It is pretty clear to me that these are an attempt to fix a problem that doesnít exist, and in fact create problems and are a hazard in themselves. I have been driving on Grigsby Chapel Road for quite a number of years, and have been passed by an idiot in the center turn lane a total of one time.

I hope those in favor of these islands had occasion to drive the road awhile back when LCUB was working on the power lines. Because of the islands, they had to stop traffic on the road. If the islands had not been there they could have routed traffic to the center lane. The islands also remove a potential safety lane option for drivers; i.e., if you are forced to stop or swerve suddenly you no longer have the center turn lane to go to. I can guarantee that if I hit one of the islands or something or (heaven forbid) someone on the side of the road in this kind situation, the town of Farragut will be the subject of a lawsuit.

Charles Reeves Jr.



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