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• Via e-mail: I was surprised to read the editorial comment in last week’s presstalk that investigating public opinion on local issues, such as that of the islands of terror on Grigsby Chapel Road, is not the job of the farragutpress. Everyone I know despises these nuisances, and most people with any sense realize that they are dangerous. A workman stepped off one of them in front of my car this week, not looking where he was going. Fortunately I was driving 15 mph. What will happen when a child steps off of them in front of a car doing 45? Maybe the farragutpress thinks its only job is to print grocery ads, but it would be nice to see someone there get out and actually talk to the public outside of Town Hall.

• Via e-mail: I have read a lot of positive and negative statements about these islands. Bottom line is they work. The average speed down Grigsby Chapel has dropped to more safe levels and have stopped the illegal passing in the center lane. The biggest issue that exists is the large volume of truck traffic thru what is clearly a residential area. They are not only a safety problem but also raise the noise level with their Jake Brakes and loud engines.

• Via e-mail: I’m really looking forward to having the calming islands on Grigsby Chapel/Smith roads landscaped and completed. Once that beautification project is finished, hopefully we’ll see an abatement to the persistent whining by some complainers who would apparently prefer to have these residential streets turned into main thoroughfares. As for me, I believe the islands will have the desired result of preserving the residential nature of the neighborhoods along this route and are preferable to having an alternative such as speed bumps.

• Via e-mail: I just wanted to congratulate coach Tommy Pharr and the Farragut High School baseball team for another State Championship title and thank them for the service they do for our community. I have a son at the primary school and it was great to see these baseball players opening car doors for the little ones. I was impressed to see these guys, who are so excellent at what they do, helping out in the community. This shows that they are not only great athletes but young men of character as well. I used every Tuesday morning as an opportunity to point out to my son that these are the State Champ baseball players and they still make time to serve others — even little kids like him. I think it was a great example. I’m sure they get some kind of community service points for doing this, but still it is a great learning opportunity for the players as well as the little ones. I signed my son up for FHS Baseball Camp directly as a result of seeing the players at the primary school opening car doors and he had a blast! I would be ecstatic if he showed interest in baseball and had the opportunity to play under coach Pharr. Thanks coach Pharr and FHS baseball team for your help and I would challenge other clubs to serve in this way as well. It is a great help to our children and their busy parents. Thanks!

• Via e-mail: In response to the letter to “presstalk” regarding CBFO softball. Our family has been involved in CBFO softball for the last four years. We have been involved on the participant level with our daughters playing, and on a coaching level as well. We have always found CBFO to be an extremely fair and professional organization. The EC and the volunteers that dedicate their time to our community work very hard to provide an organized and well-run sports center for our children. Recently, a small group of people voiced concern regarding a coach who is no longer involved in CBFO. This, I am sure was a difficult decision, and not made without merit. I hope the families in our community will continue to support the EC of CBFO, as well as the coaches, players, and countless other volunteers and their commitment to our children.

• Via mail: I read an article in the [News] Sentinel that Oak Ridge sent out 2,300 “warning tickets” to people that violated the rules of the safety cameras. By now these cameras will provide photos that will cost the violators $50. On the same day our East Tennessee senators introduced a bill to restrict the use of these cameras and require warning signs where they are used. I am certain that at election time they will do “everything to protect us,” but first they want to give themselves the opportunity to race between Knoxville and Nashville.

• I had a comment for CBFO girls softball program. I think the program is absolutely wonderful. I have two children that have been in the program since the age of 5. It has made them have so much self-confidence in everything that they do, not only sports but in school. I just commend CBFO on the job that they have done. It takes a tremendous amount of volunteers to make a program like that work for the girls, for the families involved, for the coaches. And I just wanted to say thank you; I think they do a great job.

• I just wanted to comment on all the traffic calming that seems to be going on in Farragut. At first, I thought it was kind of a bad idea but I’m starting to see the light. I think the Town would be happy as soon as we get a red light every 50 feet, and perhaps a speed bump in between, and cameras on every red light, coming from every direction. And if you get too fast coming over a speed bump maybe we could put some … something to take your speed limit in there too. You know, I think that would be great. Everything would be OK because if we all leave just three hours before work, we’ll get there on time. Fantastic job, Farragut. Thanks a lot.

• I would like to make a request to the person who takes care of the irrigation system for Chapel Pointe. I’d like to know if it would be possible for them to wait until at least 9 a.m. to turn on their sprinkler system. There is so much of an overflow from their sprinkler system every morning, and for most of us on our way to school or work or whatever we need to do, it’s really frustrating to have to drive through all that, the water and puddles with our clean cars. If they could wait until 9 a.m., that would be wonderful.

• Concerning Grigsby Chapel [Road]: first, once the grass is planted, won’t the visibility increase? Second, maybe people should just slow down. And third, they’re there; get used to it. Change is always hard.

• The town of Farragut has made a new statue of Admiral [James David Glasgow] Farragut. A nice place that could be put and be seen by a lot of people is on Brooklawn Street in front of the new Kroger Marketplace. They have a very nice circle there that everyone has to slow down and go around, so many, many more people would see the statue daily if it were put there. Or, if there are other plans for the statue, a very nice water fountain would make that circle look a lot more beautified, especially this time of year.

• Presstalk, this is about the jobs. Does not anyone in Con-gress have any common sense; I mean, use their brains? The government caused the problem in the first place by making trade agreements like NAFTA and GAP, letting our jobs go to Mexico and overseas. It doesn’t matter how much the government bails out the car dealers and whoever, as long as jobs are going to Mexico and overseas and putting Americans out of work, who’s going to have money to buy the product? Oh yeah, government! State, county, city workers, sheriff’s office, CEO’s, TDOT and the president. Bring the jobs back to the USA and put Americans back to work so we can buy again. I know, I lost my job after 33 years to Mexico, thanks to the good ol’ government. We don’t want charity; we want our jobs back.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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