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Mayor, wife tour Town businesses

Mayor Ralph McGill made good on promises to change Farragut’s anti-business perception as he toured Turkey Creek with wife, Marianne, last week.

“It’s our plan to visit all the businesses in Farragut,” The Mayor said.

“I told him we better get started then,” Marianne laughed.

Friday, June 19, Ralph and Marianne visited businesses throughout the Farragut side of Turkey Creek, welcoming them to the Town and asking how their experience has been.

Most of the businesses had positive answers.

“I’ve been surprised at the response I’ve been getting. They talk about how good business is,” Ralph said as he stood outside Gatti’s Pizza in Turkey Creek.

He and Marianne welcomed the restaurant’s manager, Mandy Edwards, back to the Town (Mr. Gatti’s was once located off West End Avenue).

JCPenney store manager Tracey Hitson said, “We’re so happy to be here. We’re so blessed … and doing fabulous. We broke all records our grand-opening week.

“We love being here and the customers love us. It’s a great relationship,” she added.

Hitson was in the first graduating class from the present Farragut High School location in 1977.

“I’m so thrilled to be back. The Town really supported us,” she said.

Greg Scribner, at Turkey Creek’s Steinway piano store, offered a piano for Town functions.

“Steinway is very big about promoting arts in the community,” he said.

“We need to have more events as a Town,” Ralph said.

“And we want to engage with the business community in everything we do. That partnership is important,” he added.

Laura Wall, in Bath Junkie, gave the McGills a complimentary hand scrub.

“You’ll have soft hands when you’re shaking people’s hands later,” she laughed.

“Cool,” Ralph said, asking Wall how business was going.

“I know we’re doing well, even in the economy. And I think it’s just going to get better,” she said.

Patty White, owner of Wild Pineapple, bragged on the Town to the McGills.

“Everybody’s been incredible, I have to tell you,” she said.

“The community’s been phenomenal … We’ve not had any issues with the Town,” she added.

Of her family, she said, “We never leave this Town. There’s no reason to.”

A few businesses related issues they had experienced with the Town to McGill, largely about Farragut’s sign ordinance.

“This is the kind of thing we need to hear,” Ralph said.

“We’d like to correct that if we can,” he added.

Several business owners had heard of McGill’s outreach attempts to the business community in articles appearing in farragutpress.

“Farragut is more like a hometown than Knox County,” Steve Everett of Design House Interiors said.

The McGills also visited Soho Nail Salon, Nixon’s Deli, Vision Best Eyecare and Sohna.

Ralph told each business employee, “We hope you do well.

“When you do well, we do well.”


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