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Grigsby Chapel solutions

Since the islands are still a topic let me repeat a suggestion I made over a year ago for Grigsby Chapel Road traffic before ground was broken for the islands.

Excluding most local residents, the heavy and/or high speed traffic problems are due mostly to commuters who live elsewhere, most probably out in Smith Road neighborhoods or well west of Grigsby Chapel along Kingston Pike and west of Dixie Lee junction.

They are well meaning people knowing they have to get to work on time in the morning or home for the kids and dinner at night but as far as driving carefully within the speed limit or conditions on Grigsby Chapel well ... just visit that road at quitting time.

The problem is these commuters are just using their heads, if one wants to get to I-40 from the west or return from I-40 from the Campbell Station Road exit or perhaps an important shopping or dinner visit to Turkey Creek, then Grigsby Chapel is the only way to go, because after the traffic light at Grigsby and Campbell Station Road they are free to wheel it up Grigsby all the way to Kingston Pike via Smith Road with no light to “calm” them down; if they use Smith Road there is only the Russian Roulette stop sign at Smith and Grigsby to give them pause.

The other day, as I was getting to the Smith Road stop sign on Grigsby, a young lady in a little blue car coming to the stop sign on Smith just drove (not hesitated mind you) right through her stop sign as though there was just a curve in the road.

Now back to Campbell Station Road at night from I-40; after the light at Grigsby there are five traffic lights for someone going west on Kingston Pike.

So what do you do if you’re a commuter going west? Of course you use Grigsby.

My suggestion from over a year ago was for a traffic light at Grigsby Chapel and Smith [roads] and now I want to add further “calming” on Grigsby, stop signs at each of the church-to-Grigsby intersections, only two sets would be needed as the ones at Smith could be relocated.

So there would now be stop signs at the Grigsby Chapel Church exit intersection, the LDS church exit as well as the St. John’s Drive exit.

Now that would give us all some calming and we could better enjoy the landscaped islands someday.

You can also appreciate how much the local residents around Grigsby would appreciate a chance to enter that road from their home up and down the hill for their morning commutes.

Bob Warshal



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