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• I couldn’t agree more with the person who called in last week about the fireworks in Farragut. I have never lived in a city that has so many fireworks displays throughout the year. And wait until the Fourth! It gets so bad in my neighborhood you can’t see the houses across the street for all the smoke, and it goes on until 2 or 3 in the morning, and all week. Plus, it’s the adults who are worse than the kids, and then they leave all the mess in your yard that you have to clean up. Aren’t fireworks against the law in Farragut?

Editor’s Note: The shooting of fireworks in Knox County, in which Farragut lies, is a violation of the law.

• There’s no roadwork going on at the entrance to Belleaire [Drive]. The roadwork is two blocks away and nobody is keeping any information from them. Those folks need to chill.

• First of all, I do cycle, and there are a lot of cyclists out there who are giving good people a bad name. Coming down Turkey Creek Road, turning right into a neighborhood, I have a group of cyclists cut through my lane in front of me, and I had the right-of-way. If I had been going straight, we would have had a problem. This is why we should keep cyclists off the road or make them register their bikes with the tag, just like a car, so I can call the police and report them. Remember: you do not have the right-of-way just because you are on a bike. You have to obey the same rules as I do if I am in a vehicle. And if you want me to give you the three-foot move-over space as I see on bumper stickers, you better be doing the speed limit three feet in front of me or stay off the road.

• Every week for the last few months there’s been several comments in the call section about the Grigsby Chapel [Road] calming islands. I really don’t understand this. While I don’t drive that road every day, I have driven up and down Grigsby Chapel a few times and, to be honest with you, I’ve not even hardly noticed the calming islands. I can’t understand what people’s problems would be. There’s a center turning lane; that lane was meant for turning, so I can understand why the Town had to put calming islands in if people broke the law.

• I just wanted to say I think it’s pretty much a disgrace that we can’t find an American flag to fly on our automobiles anywhere in Knoxville. Wal-Mart has 20 or 30 on their wall for The University [of Tennessee] and you can’t find an American flag anywhere in town. I had to go to Myrtle Beach to get one to fly on my car, and I just think that’s terrible here at the Fourth of July.

• Via e-mail: I agreed with Congressman John [J.] [Duncan] Jr.’s vote against the Iraq war and his opposition to continuing the air marshal program, which is a waste of money. I hope, however, that he recognizes the waste in having three and sometimes four security guards screen people at the door of the John Duncan Sr. Federal Building. I have frequented the building over the last six years, particularly during the IRS season. On every occasion, I stayed to observe the operation and concluded that ONE security person could do the job. That has been the case with me. One security person has you place all metal in a container before you walk through the medal detector. The others just stand there and do absolutely nothing. On several occasions, one of them was standing outside talking to someone about sports, etc. (I paused several times to listen to the conversations — the man is on vacation). When the Social Security office was located upstairs there was an additional guard there who sat there without telling people to get a number (small sign said get number here). You had to figure that out yourself. The same is true at the new Social Security office. The guard appears to get some satisfaction when people don’t see the small number dispenser before sitting down. Since he is just sitting there he could at least point at the number dispenser. I, like the congressman, hate to see my tax money being wasted, especially at the tax office (IRS).

• Via e-mail: Just for the record, I could care less about the calming islands on Grigsby Chapel and I travel the road on a regular basis. It doesn’t slow me down, I don’t want to really speed down the street, and I wouldn’t pass anyone on that road. Now that they’re in, I’m looking forward to the landscaping being put in for beautification. I’ll throw my vote in for grass, flowers, and some Bradford Pears, that would be nice. If you’re so upset with the decision makers, when they’re up for re-election, put your vote in to get rid of them and see if the majority agrees with you. That will “teach ’em a lesson to put in calming islands!” If you feel that enough people don’t vote in those smaller elections, join the committee to support your local official and increase the vote so your candidate wins. I personally have higher hopes that the ones that express so much emotion, pro & con, would get this emotional about the homeless, the poor, the hungry, or others in need of our help. Consider taking that energy and go volunteer, this may put the installation of calming islands into perspective. And for the community member that commented about the man in his 70s causing road rage, well, the failure to control your emotions is what actually causes road rage. Not the 70 year old man that added another few minutes to your drive on Grigsby Chapel Road.

• Via e-mail: To the writer of the following statement: “I read the e-mail from the man in his 70s with amazement. He said he would drive on Grigsby Chapel Road at 25 mph, obeying the law. As the editor noted, the speed limit is 40 mph. He thinks it’s funny to have cars backed up behind him. This is what causes road rage.” Driving behind this guy might be annoying, but “road rage” is not caused by anyone other than the person doing the “raging.” You alone are responsible for how you handle annoying drivers, and whether or not you allow yourself to become a “raging” driver. We are all responsible for our own emotions and behaviors. If you experience “road rage,” it is due to your own insufficient coping skills, not the behavior or driving habits of others.

• Via e-mail: Please find a way to tell our neighbors who were recycling plastics at Farragut Primary School that the recycle bin was removed and their recycles they leave on the ground are being put in the trash.

• Via e-mail: I am a Knox County Teacher with a simple idea that I believe will raise test scores and enhance learning each day in the classroom! Install ample, good quality white boards in each classroom. Get rid of the old green blackboards written on with chalk! Chalk is squeaky, breaks, creates dust, looks boring, and is harder to read. You are probably laughing right now thinking that is a thing of the past. Not true ... unfortunately. I want to show the computer questions on the whiteboard and have students write answers using a variety of colors, like negative numbers in green marker and positive numbers in orange. I can quickly change subjects by directing students’ attention to purple writing on another whiteboard showing science facts with scientists names in blue ... it’s efficient, meaningful and more interesting.


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