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Town ‘Economic Survey’ nets residents’ responses

Farragut’s Economic Develop-ment Survey, available at, is re-ceiving responses from Town citizens regarding businesses they would like to see come into Town limits.

Popular specific stores named by citizens in the survey include Home Depot or Lowes, Trader Joes, Crate & Barrel, Costco and Macy’s.

Restaurants that were asked for included Applebee’s, Macaroni Grill, Chili’s and a Cheesecake Factory.

Other citizens asked for “No more ‘casual dining chains’... I’m tired of burgers and chicken fingers.”

“Different restaurants and retail — not the same ones five miles down the road!” another citizen wrote.

Professional and corporate businesses also were important, to see more “major employers for skilled and higher education.”

Important to other citizens were businesses that were unique to Farragut, and which would “draw people from other parts of Knoxville and Loudon County.”

One citizen asked that Farragut have “No more big box stores, connect the greenways, more trees, diversify businesses, local business, independent business. Create culture and lifestyle ... not a collection of chains.”

Farragut citizens also wanted to see independent shops, and several mentioned Farragut’s many banks.

“More independently owned restaurants and shops. No more chains that are already located in West Knox and NO MORE BANKS!” one citizen wrote.

“Anything besides a bank. I’d like to see some local art galleries pop up and maybe some green industry,” another wrote.

When asked where businesses should be located, many mentioned already vacant storefronts such as the old Kroger and Ingles buildings.

“Re-use the rundown and empty store fronts already located in town ... there are already so many old, abandoned sites in town. West End could be transformed into a more family friendly shopping center since it’s right next to the schools, maybe add a park/gardens too,” one writer said.

Another writer wanted to see shops located in a “a truly walkable shopping district.”

“Build something … with shops, restaurants, cafes [and] bakeries on the bottom and cute apartment/condos, luxe day spa, hotel on the top,” one citizen wrote.

“Make us feel like we are in a quaint historic district. Hide the parking spaces into a big garage behind the buildings and make us want to walk, dine on the sidewalks and shop our afternoons away. Put trees, flower pots and green spaces ... a gazebo for impromptu concerts, a summer movie series and town festivals. Make me proud to live in a vibrant community and set it apart from being just another suburb of tract housing and boring chain restaurants,” the citizen added.


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