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Girls write book to save dogs

Chloe Henderson and Karlyn Simcox, two rising Farragut Intermediate School third-graders, have written, illustrated and bound their first book and are using the proceeds to benefit local animal shelters.

“It just started out to be a fun project,” Karlyn said.

“But it turned out to be a huge success,” Chloe added.

“Everyone was asking questions about it and the principal came to see it, it was awesome,” Karlyn said.

“In the middle of writing the book I asked her if maybe we could do this to save shelter dogs. And we agreed,” she added.

The book, called “The Dognapper,” is the first in what the girls hope will become a multi-book series.

“This one is about a dognapper who steals dogs from animal shelters and does dogfights with them. He has three dogs, Killer, Fearless and Ripper and they are Dobermans,” Karlyn said.

“The main characters are two border collies named Shep and Daisy. Daisy is pregnant and she is about to have puppies and they are worried,” Karlyn said.

“We have a characters page with pictures of the dogs too,” she added.

“Our goal is to write five books,” Chloe said.

“Or, like, a lot …. as many as possible,” Karlyn added.

The girls said although they enjoyed writing the book, it was a lot of work.

“It was very fun and very hard. It took two months to write the book,” Chloe said.

Karyln agreed.

“One day we sat in my room for four hours straight and wrote this book,” she added.

They have not begun writing the second book, but plans are underway.

“We are trying to make more plans. We are going to have most of the same characters that we have in this one in the next book,” Chloe said.

Farragut Primary School principal Julia Craze said she was excited for the girls.

“It is amazing. The book itself is amazing, but the things they are doing … these girls have done their research and everything, and this is second grade.

“Their parents are being very supportive,” Craze added.

Dawn Simcox, Karlyn’s mom, edited the book and had it bound.

“I just typed it,” she said. “Pretty much word-for-word the way they wrote it.”

“It is very well-written,” Craze added.

Karlyn and Chloe said they both hope to have careers as writers.

“We love [writing]. It is awesome,” Karlyn said.

“Instead of reading a book and it just doesn’t have the subject or it doesn’t end the way you want, you can just write your own book,” she added.

“My main thing is I love making up stories of dogs,” Chloe said.

The next book in the series will be about dogcatchers and the girls hope their teachers at FIS will be as supportive as those at FPS.

“We are hoping we get put in the same class so can we make another book,” Chloe said.

The girls plan to continue selling “The Dognapper” through the summer before beginning part two.

“We are selling the book for $8. Four out those $8 goes toward making more books and $4 goes to animal shelters that we put in the book,” Karlyn said.

Although so far they have sold about 70 copies, they also have faced rejection.

“I went to the “Smoky Mountain Critter Fest” ... and set up the books and I sold … zero books,” Karlyn said.

The girls plan to present a check to local shelters sometime in mid-August.

To get your autographed copy of “The Dognapper,” e-mail


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