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• Many thanks to the Fox Den Country Club for a wonderful fireworks display again this year. This is a great community service. Thank you.

• In the July 2 issue, you reported that Capt. [Ben] Harkins applied for the job of managing the red light camera enforcement. Is this not the same Capt. Harkins who last year suggested an amendment to the proposed Town ordinance to make it easier for the Town and Redflex to squeeze the fines from the citizens? Does it not look all too convenient now that he wants to do this enforcement job himself? I wonder if the Town plans to pay him a salary or make his pay dependent on the amount of fines he manages to collect for the Town? Your investigation into this matter will be appreciated.

Editor’s Note: As previously reported in farragutpress, the person whom the Town employs to monitor Redflex, the company installing and monitoring red light cameras, will be a part-time employee of the Town and receive a contracted, non-commission salary from the Town not based on citations issued.

• I am calling to make a comment about the July 4 parade. We were sitting near the beginning of the July 4 parade route. One of your callers commented that it started late, but the parade didn’t start late. It did start on time, but I want to point out it moved along very slowly. The caller was right: we were all out there much longer this year than in past years. They really need to look at speeding up the parade for the enjoyment of the parade-goers. On the subject of closing the parade route: the posted time for closing the road was 8:30 [a.m.] but law enforcement did not actually close Kingston Pike until 9 o’clock. We were sitting very close to the beginning of the parade route. The problem was many of the parade-goers were in their seats along Kingston Pike but the traffic was still going until 9 o’clock. This was a hazard to the safety of parade-goers and does not need to be repeated next year. They need to pick a time, post it, and then close the road at that time.

• I would like to comment about the presstalk article concerning the person who says, “There was no traffic” and “It’s a violation of my Constitutional right for cameras to issue a ticket” and “I cannot face my accuser in court.” I beg to differ. Once an officer writes a ticket and you go to court, you are able to face your accuser when you go to court. But if a camera issues a ticket, you do get a summons in the mail with a picture of you running that [red light]. I was issued a ticket: I was questionable about my right, and I did get a ticket and I got a picture of that, and I saw I was guilty. And it wasn’t anything that violated my Constitutional right. So if the person was up on her or his issues about cameras issuing tickets, they would know the picture was not a violation of their Constitutional rights. They need to learn and address what [are] actual facts before they write or call in concerning cameras. I personally think cameras are an excellent way to slow traffic, particularly in the Farragut area, which is notorious for not only running stoplights but also stop signs. In this area, there is no such thing as a stop sign in Farragut. People don’t stop for them at all.

• I am calling regarding those calming islands on Grigsby Chapel [Road] and just wondered if someone knows what the total cost is gonna be with landscaping. I mean, given that we’re taxpayers we would obviously have the right to know that, right? And furthermore, I’d like to know, knowing how budgets are done, that you … probably have a whole bunch of projects and you can only fund a certain number of them. So I would furthermore like to know from the city of Farragut what projects were kind of below the line. In other words, which projects were essentially given up because we spent money on the calming islands. Again, being a taxpayer and paying for all of this, I think we have a right to know No. 1, what the islands cost in total and also understand what was sacrificed in order to go ahead with the calming islands. I suspect though the city of Farragut won’t have the courage to provide that data.

Editor’s Note: We know of no projects posted in the annual Capital Improvement budget that are stalled because of a lack of funds. As far as taxpayers paying for the $267,000 project, farragutpress has noted on several occasions the town of Farragut levies no property or income taxes on its residents. All tax revenue is derived from shared Sales Tax, which is allotted from the state of Tennessee. Being situated alongside Interstate 40/75, Farragut enjoys receiving a share of Sales Tax spent by a large number of tourists who exit to eat at Farragut restaurants, sleep in Farragut lodgings and shop at Farragut stores.

• Via e-mail: To the person who talked about going 25 mph on Grigsby Chapel [Road]: Do you not know that this is one of the causes of road rage? People like this, especially those who drive in the fast lane on the Interstate and refuse to get over, SHOULD NOT BE ON THE ROAD. If you have to drive that slow, maybe you should call a cab or have a family member take you. Thanks farragutpress for pointing out the danger of excessive slow driving. And as for the annoying calming islands and round-about go, I’m just happy to say that I don’t live in Farragut so don’t have to deal with them very often! I feel for those who do though.

• Via e-mail: Does Farragut have any law against soliciting? If not I wish it did. Today there was someone going door to door in our neighborhood. They have been out wandering around for at least two hours. I’m here to tell you, I don’t answer the door if it’s not anyone I know. We have had people under the pretense of selling things come up on our porch and peer into the windows. This is very disturbing, to say the least. I would like to know if there is a law against this in Farragut.

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