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• I’m calling in response to the article about having difficulty enforcing Town ordinances and the possibility of instigating a Town sales tax to have a police force and to do something about when properties are run down and abandoned. And apparently everyone in the audience that night was all for it. Well, they seem to forget that is a short-term solution with long-term repercussions. Once a sales tax is on the agenda, it will stay there and do nothing but increase. And having Farragut have its own police force is kind of counter-productive, because we have an excellent Knox County Sheriff’s [Office that] has an office in Farragut, and to have a police department in Farragut would be a huge undertaking, especially financially. So let’s kind of take a step back and think before we start throwing out sales tax or property tax or any kind of tax. If there’s a problem in the neighborhood, call the people who own the house. You can always go through the County, not just the town of Farragut, if you’re having problems. Or pool your resources together in the neighborhood and hire an attorney to take care of it. But don’t make the rest of the town of Farragut pay for the problem in your neighborhood.

• Regarding the Grigsby Chapel [Road] islands: in the last issue of presstalk, a good question was asked by a reader, namely what was given up in order to fund the Grigsby Chapel islands. And the answer, it seems to me, was avoided. The answer actually was “We know of no projects posted in the annual Capital Improvement budget that was stalled for lack of funds.” Well, I would say, “Of course. Obviously.” I guess maybe it would be harder to avoid answering the question if it were posed as follows: what projects did not make it into the Capital Improvement budget due to money spent on the Grigsby Chapel islands? Perhaps that’s a clearer way of asking a question so it can’t be so easily avoided. And there might be something here in that an attempt was obviously made to avoid answering the question. It could be a good story. Clearly, any of us could quickly come up with many improvements needed in our parks, our roads in the Farragut area, so the question remains: which projects did not get done because of the islands? If the answer is none, it says Farragut does not have any ideas at all about how to improve things in our community. I suppose that’s possible. And come to think of it, maybe I don’t want to push for any new ideas. We may get more things like the Grigsby Chapel islands.

Editor’s Note: farragutpress covered the Capital Improve-ment discussions during Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meetings and at no point during the discussions of the Capital Improvement plan was any project noted as being left out because of a lack of funds.

• I am a Farragut resident since 1985 and I have a handgun permit I got last year for a couple of reasons than being [inaudible]. Guns in parks? I say yes because it’s a big inconvenience if you happen to have one on you and you happen to go through a park for some reason. There’s no reason to carry a gun in a Farragut park other than inconvenience. Schools have an option of, if you’re dropping a student off driving by, you could have a gun in the car, but you can’t stop and get out and so forth. But anyway, don’t make it difficult, that way you can go into O’Charley’s and have a gun and eat so long as you don’t drink liquor and not have to fumble in the trunk moving a gun around.

• People in the community wanted to know why they put calming islands on Grigsby Chapel [Road]. Thursday [July 16] at 5:45 [p.m.] as I drive down Grigsby Chapel, the black Mercedes that turned in going back towards St. John Neumann School is probably half the reason we have calming islands. Because as people tried to make a right hand turn, the inconsiderate speeder had to drive in the turning lane and pass everybody to get home first. Maybe if people like him or [her] would go the speed limit, they wouldn’t have to put these islands on our road.

• Concerning the legislation passed by the Tennessee legislature, guns in parks: there seems to be nothing wrong with that at all. People who have and own guns with permits are responsible people. If you ban guns in the parks, the only people that are going to have them that are going to disobey the law anyway are criminals. So this idea that guns in parks is something wrong is ridiculous. I’m glad the [legislature] passed that ordinance.

• I am against guns in places that serve alcohol, in municipal parks, in national and state parks. Even if someone has a permit to carry a gun, the people who insist on their rights to carry guns anywhere remind me of alcoholics. They don’t know when to quit. The National Rifle Association, which has been instrumental in getting these laws on the books, has become an organization of extremism, not an organization of reason.

• With the town of Farragut installing traffic [cameras] at the stop signals, which I am neither for nor against, I really wish they would install cameras on Kingston Pike. It’s unbelievable how many trucks are missing the scales and driving through our beautiful Town. I think that would be a wonderful thing to do, not only for the safety of our residents, but also the condition of our roads.

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut has an ordinance against large trucks passing through the Town, which has been written about in farragutpress, but, as in last week’s story concerning “enforcement teeth,” has not means to enforce the ordinance as Knox County Sheriff’s Office is not authorized by the courts to enforce Farragut town laws and ordinances.

• I’m going to say that in 35 years of driving, probably the most inconsiderate drivers are those that pull out, turning east on Kingston Pike from Virtue Road. It seems like probably once every week or two somebody blatantly pulls out in front of me. It’s not like they can’t see well: they have an unobstructed view of traffic both ways. Most of the drivers [inaudible] and just slow down at the turn and turn right in front of you, very consistently.

• Via e-mail: As a resident of Farragut and a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit holder, I do feel safe in Farragut parks, but I feel even safer now that I am allowed to carry in parks. The reason for having a permit to carry a handgun is for self-defense, and it doesn’t matter where you live, nowhere is [it] perfectly safe. I hope the town of Farragut follows the state’s lead and decides not to “opt out.”

• Via e-mail: I want to thank the town of Farragut for having so many pleasant parks to enjoy. My dog, Snuggles and I really enjoy the park by the library. Lots of trees, shade, nice folks and dogs.

• Via e-mail: Since the opening of sister businesses at a Farragut shopping center my friends and I have enjoyed several breakfasts as well as luncheons on their patio. We love that [one venue] is a quiet, beautiful and affordable eatery on our end of Farragut. We have been wondering about something we’ve seen each time we have been on the patio; it’s the way the employees and chef walk back and forth between these two restaurants with food items and finished plates of food that are not covered. Can this be a sanitary practice the health department approves of? I’m not sure, but as one who has worked in the food industry for years I can’t imagine that it would be? Not only are these meals gathering pollen in the open air, the possibilities of flies or gnats landing onto someone’s food or worse is high. I’m just asking as I do not wish to be ignorant in this matter if it is indeed acceptable. Thanks for any insight to this practice.

Editor’s Note: We wouldn’t think that transporting food between the two indoor venues would be any more hazardous than food served and which remains outside on tables at any outdoor-seating restaurant, church or school picnic or backyard barbecue.

• Via fax: This week [U.S.] Sen. Lamar Alexander once again pushed for building 100 new nuclear power plants. We can’t find any safe way of dealing with the waste and safety issues of the existing nuclear power plants, but obviously that doesn’t matter. When a politician will support something regardless of how dangerous it is, and yet block the use of clean energy options like wind power because he thinks that windmills are ugly, it says a lot about the person and the industries lining his or her pockets. It’s well past time to get this good-ole-boy mentality out of office! If countries around the world, including Germany, Japan and many others can prove the efficiency of solar and wind power, you know that the [United States of America] could do even better if we didn’t have to fill politicians’ pockets to get it done! Wake up and speak up Americans! It is your country at stake!

• Via e-mail: Whoa! Where did the intelligent people go? Who would think of carrying a firearm into a park where families are swimming, fishing and playing sports? How many times have little scuffles broken out because some parent thought their child was mistreated by either another parent or an official of a game. Things like this need time to cool off and not to escalate into some type of brawl that might lead a permit owner to feel threatened and decide to take things into his or her own hand. Are the people crazy? I haven’t had a good tussle since I was a youth and I have left all of that behind as a thinking, caring adult. If you are so frightened that you need to carry a weapon in a park, just stay home.


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