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FUD backflow test costs more than KUB

First Utility District started charging $50 to test the back-flow devices on lawn sprinkler systems the last couple of years. Since it takes the tester no more than a half hour to make the test I have always felt ripped off by the utility.

Today I received my monthly gas bill from KUB, which included a newsletter about excessive lawn sprinkling. They noted in this letter that they charge their customers $30 to test their back-flow devices.

Why does the First Utility District feel they need to charge 67 percent more than KUB for the same service?

When you think about it, a tester should be able to test at least 12 back-flow preventers a day bringing in at least $600 a day in revenue at $50 a test. At $30 a test the revenue would be at least $360. Both these amounts are considerably more that the cost of the service.

It seems to me that the service should be done on close to a breakeven basis. Why should the owners with lawn sprinkling systems be forced to subsidize those without?

Robert Doeden


Town should

enforce codes

In reference to your story about town ordinances we do not need a tax or police force. Why don’t the town “leaders” enforce the codes that already exist? Take [a] look at Title 13 Code of Ordinances — Town of Farragut. Especially note Chapter 2: Blighted or Deteriorated Properties.

This defines exactly what we are talking about and the steps the Town needs to take.

In light of the current economic situation more and more of these abandoned houses will exist.

If the Town does not take action the number of problem properties will increase until a real slum will exist in Farragut. There are three empty houses on my street now and one of them has been abandoned since October.

It meets the definition for blighted property, but, so far I have not been able to get the Town to do anything other than explain that there is nothing they can do. You would think the mayor and aldermen would have some interest in this, but they don’t bother to answer e-mail.

Think about this people of Farragut. Would you like to have a house next to you where the back lawn has not been mowed since October. The grass is now 4-feet high, and when it goes dormant it will be a fire hazard to the house and the two houses on either side of it. The electricity has been turned off so there is no heat this winter. According to a representative of the Town this is OK as long as no one lives in the house.

Maybe we ought to start thinking about what we are doing.

Donald R. Lewis



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