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Historic David Campbell house and lot on the market

The intersection of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike might seem like prime real estate property, but the economic crunch has taken its toll on vacant lots there.

The corner lot near the Village Green shopping center is for sale after it fell prey to the banking industry’s cutbacks. That lot includes Dog Days Canine Playschool and the historic David Campbell House, for which Campbell Station is named.

“[The Campbell House is] included in it, but you’ve got to deal with that situation,” Harry Thayer, Dean-Smith Realty, said of the house’s historical significance.

“At one point in time it was under contract to a bank and it kind of fell through … when the banking crisis hit.

“It’s kind of a bank site, but I don’t believe banks are in the business to buy anything right now,” he added.

Thayer said the “For sale” sign at the lot was up simply to see if he got a response.

“I’ve put a sign out there to see what’s going to happen. … I don’t see anything going on or anything happening for a while.

“If we can sell that little corner, it would be great. We’re just seeing what the market can bear right this second,” he said.

The David Campbell house is not, apparently, a registered historic site with the National Register of Historic Places, said Hollie Cook of Knox Heritage.

“There are a lot of houses that should be listed that aren’t listed,” Cook said.

However, she warned, being a registered historic site does not necessarily mean the area is safe from development.

“Being on the National Register doesn’t exactly mean that it’s protected … it’s kind of like a prestigious name thing,” Cook said.

However, Cook said, if federal funds were involved in a development, such as if TDOT were to widen Kingston Pike, the house would require a Section 106 review of all the “historical [and] cultural resources all along the project area” and determine if the house should be saved.

Across the street, the former site of Silver Spoon is again up for sale, realty company Sperry Van Ness RM Moore reports.

The lot was sold to Chattanooga-based Cornerstone Bank in December, who told farragutpress they planned to keep the basic Silver Spoon building and complete extensive interior renovations.

“It was sold to Cornerstone … they had intended on not doing anything with it until things kind of turned around,” Roger Moore said.

“In the meantime, they’ve decided that they don’t necessarily need to do anything with it and have asked us to put it back on the market,” he added.

Moore expressed hope the property would re-sell quickly, mentioning his company had received interest already.


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