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• It has been several months now since the town of Farragut has assisted, allowed — whatever you want to call it — First Baptist Church [Concord] to move Belleaire Drive to aid with their expansion, and at that time they took down the “No Outlet” sign that used to be on Belleaire Drive. And it’s never been put back up. And I’d like to know why because we have people come through the subdivision at high rates of speed quite often thinking that they should be able to cut through our subdivision to avoid the church traffic. Can anybody answer this?

Editor’s Note: Try giving Town engineer Darryl Smith a call at Town Hall 966-7057.

• Imagine, the TDOT engineers have come up with a plan to improve traffic on Campbell Station Road. And they’re actually going to widen it, thinking that will improve it. Why didn’t they consult the Farragut braintrust? They could have told them the way to improve traffic: build some islands up and down Campbell Station, put big concrete curbs around them, fill them with red clay and rocks and watch how the traffic improves. Boy, the Farragut braintrust could have been a big help. Maybe we can give our Farragut braintrust to the TDOT engineers.

• A comment on your paper: with the separate sections labeled and everything, its easier to handle and it looks like a newspaper instead of a big old fat magazine within all its pages. But I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve noticed it, maybe I didn’t read it last week, but it’s a very good change. So … keep up the good work.

• Via e-mail: If you want to see what government-run health care would be like, just look at the Veterans Administration. It is terrible what Veterans have to go through to get medical care. I have a friend who is a veteran and he has to wait an entire year just to get surgery to remove some polyps. He can only go to certain hospitals, and only to certain doctors. It is a sorry situation.

• Via e-mail: It seems a real waste of money to design a project for solar collectors to heat park restrooms when there is no certainty that the units will ever be installed and, even then, the huge cost can never be recovered by savings on the electric bill. Bob Markli was correct in voting against this proposal.

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