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Bearden band preps for ‘Jazz Suite’

The Bearden High School Marching Band is gearing up for another season, this time with “An American Jazz Suite.”

“It’s a really fun show,” band director Megan Christian said. “The kids are really beginning to enjoy the music too, it’s exciting.”

The show consists of four songs, the first being “A Little Ragtime.” The second is a combination of “I’ve Got Rhythm” and “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess.” This last is the forever popular “House of the Rising Sun.”

“The kids have done a fantastic job,” Christian said. “They’ve really worked hard this year. They’re an extremely dedicated and hardworking group and a talented group. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they are going to accomplish throughout the rest of the season.

“They just did a tremendous job during band camp.”

Band camp lasted two weeks, the second week running Monday through Saturday.

“The first one was for percussion, [color] guard and freshmen,” Christian said. “For those different groups they each do something different, but the main focus is to prepare for full band camp.

“The freshmen take that time to learn how to march and learn how to play and march at the same time. The percussion and guard with the way their section works, they have to be prepared ahead of time to learn the rest of the show.

“Then our second week was full band camp,” Christian added.

With camp over, the band only has rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But while both can be grueling, most of the students enjoy the music and a chance to see their friends again.

“It’s just one huge family,” Micah Hamilton of the color guard said. “We fight like we’re brother and sister. We do. But we’re always together.

“During football season I only hang out with the band. Always with the band. It’s what we do.”

Micah is also enjoying the music this year, and added that the freshmen have been a great help.

“We have two new freshmen this year, and they aren’t pulling us behind at all. They’re awesome, and they’re keeping up with us and we’ve just improved so much since band camp.”

As for the wet weather this year, it didn’t dampen the students’ spirits.

“It was awesome this year,” Micah said. “There was a lot of rain though, so we got stuck inside a bunch or rained on, but we didn’t let it pull us behind, we just kept going.”

Cody Thornburgh, a saxophone player, agreed.

“It was wet a lot, but when the sun was out, it was hot. Good band camp,” he laughed.

“Yeah, when you think band camp you think hot,” Micah added.

The Bearden High School Marching Band’s first halftime performance is Aug. 28, during the BHS football team’s second regular season game at Jefferson County.

“They’ve done a great job,” Christian said. “They’ve really come a long way.

“They learned the entire show during those six days, which is really amazing because it’s a lot of music and a lot of visual drill to learn.

“They’ve done a fantastic job.”


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