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‘Taste of Farragut’ draws criticism

The upcoming Taste of Farragut event drew criticism from a member of Farragut Business Alliance at the group’s meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 18.

“I’m really kind of disappointed that your promotion is one of the things this group had as an idea and the rest of us weren’t asked to participate,” Pamela Treacy, Campbell Station Wine and Spirits owner, said.

“I’m concerned about the Farragut Business Alliance: is it really going to be a group that’s focused on the community and the betterment of all the businesses, or is this just a venture to help some?” she added.

David Purvis, founder of FBA and leader of the Taste of Farragut initiative, said Taste of Farragut had not been promoted as a Business Alliance event.

“F-B-A is meant for all. The name Taste of Farragut came from a discussion I had with people in my neighborhood.

“We brought it to the table at F-B-A, saying this could be something we could do,” Purvis said.

In fact, the Taste of Farragut event started as a partnership between his business, Farragut Wine and Spirits and The Shrimp Dock.

Although the event quickly grew from more than two businesses, Purvis said he wanted the inaugural Taste of Farragut to stay small so the event could remain controlled and safe while providing experience to the business owners who participate.

“We don’t want to be exclusive. What we wanted to do was sort of control the event and the size of it and make sure it didn’t get out of hand,” Purvis said.

“We’re making the effort, taking the energy and learning those aspects of how to do it with the plan that, if it succeeds, it could be the starting-point event for the FBA.

“I’ve learned that a small group of people can start something much more effectively than a large group of people can,” he added.

“I guess I still struggle knowing we all sat in this room, and I know we didn’t copyright the term ‘Taste of Farragut,’ but that was one of the things we talked about trying to do,” Treacy said.

“What I’ve heard, it’s all about the name,” Knick Myers, Myers Bros. Holdings, said.

Dale Thompson, owner of bathjunkie, said “Taste of” events were common in many cities, and the name was pretty generic.

“Whenever we did a ‘taste,’ in whatever city I was in, it was ‘Taste of Knoxville,’ ‘Taste of Farragut,’ ‘Taste of Concord,’” Thompson said.

Thompson added events that begin as one thing quickly can become another. An anniversary party for bathjunkie, he said, was quickly becoming an event for his entire shopping center off Parkside Drive.

Margaret Johns, Bluewater LLC, asked if Purvis would welcome FBA members coming and evaluating the event.

“That was the hope. The hope was we could get people in the Town, the residents, the Mayor and aldermen, the other merchants to come and say, ‘This is a possibility,’” Purvis said.


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