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TDS launches ‘managed IP system’

TDS has launched a new managed Internet protocol system for its business customers, a system that allows businesspersons to juggle phone calls and Internet access from a central hub, their computer.

Under the system, phone calls are routed through the same broadband connection as TDS Internet.

Preference in the system is given to voice calls, but the system always provided enough of a bandwidth to handle simultaneous calls and Internet access.

“The phone and computer are linked over one connection, and what happens when a voice call comes in, is it maximizes and takes up the space it needs … but while someone is on a voice call, it never interferes or slows down the Internet side of the system,” Cindy Tomlinson, TDS spokesperson, said.

Farragut TDS market manager Jerry Parkerson also said phone calls were never transferred over public Internet, but through TDS’s own system.

“We do not haul our voice calls over the Internet … what that does is ensure a much higher quality of voice than if you were running voice over the Internet,” Parkerson said.

The system provides ease of use to businesspersons, as well as to customers, Parkerson said.

“This is a tool for the business customer to gain efficiencies, to have a means by which they are not stranded,” Parkerson said.

For example, if a business customer were out of the office, or on the other end of the scale, if tragedy struck and an office were destroyed, the system would easily allow remote access and call forwarding to voicemail or a cell phone.

“With this new system, even should their building burn down, [businesses] can quickly establish a remote location where they can continue business as usual, pretty much,” Parkerson said.

“Their customers … would actually not recognize they are in a different location. That’s a huge benefit,” he added.

In addition, customers would face beneficial call waiting times during normal operation. If phone lines are busy, customers calling would never get a busy signal. Under the system, customers would be bumped to voice mail if all phone lines are full.

“That’s another huge benefit,” Tomlinson said.

The system also allows businesses to choose which features they want, a cost-saving measure.

“[Businesses] pay only for the services they use,” Tomlinson said.

“Basically what a business signs up for is what they’re able to utilize … they’re able to do everything a larger company can without all the cost.

“There’s no capital expense, so there’s no upfront expenses or anything like that. They’re able to take advantage of a new system that’s converged, that offers greater efficiency and productivity,” she added.

“In today’s economy that is an excellent thing,” Parkerson said.

The managed IP system is available to business customers in the former Concord Telephone Exchange area.

“It all relates to our focus, and that focus is becoming a broadband leader … and offering a service that is completely delivered using Internet protocol,” Tomlinson said.

“People recognize us as the old phone company [Concord Telephone Exchange], but we really are becoming a broadband leader,” she added.

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