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TDS offers TV

TDS officially has launched its TDS TV program in the town of Farragut, where fiber optics cables have been installed.

“The town of Farragut is one of the few communities in the nation that is totally wired with fiber optics cable,” Farragut TDS market manager Jerry Parkerson said.

“T-D-S is one of the few communications companies in the nation that has successfully launched a purely digital TV product over fiber optics,” he added.

The “leading edge” technology has been in a testing phase in Farragut for a few years, but is now being offered to customers at large.

“Today, we have, and I think customer input backs us up, that we have a very good service and we are providing it at a reasonable price,” Parkerson said.

Fiber optics allows TDS to bundle services, including phone, Internet and TV.

“Our customers really like that we bundle two or more of our services together,” Parkerson said.

Parkerson estimated more than 90 percent of TDS customers buy bundles, and more than 50 percent subscribe to high-definition channels on TDS TV.

TDS has introduced 30 new channels (including 17 HD channels), increasing its total channels to 300 and its total HD channels to about 60.

In January, TDS also began offering a DVR [digital video recorder] system with its TDS TV program.

“Fully one third of our existing customer base have come back and added DVR to their services since we’ve offered it in January,” Parkerson said.

“Instead of sitting down while it’s on air, record it and watch it at your leisure.

“We have built a very robust product here,” he added.

TDS TV currently is available only in the town of Farragut because of franchise regulations.



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