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Concord Medical launches weight loss program

Concord Medical Group is launching a six-month weight loss program at its offices, 10215 Kingston Pike, Suite 100.

“Obesity has become such an epidemic and so many medical problems are related to unhealthy living … it’s really important to lose weight,” Dr. Rebecca Jackson said.

“We’re trying to tailor your lifestyle changes with something that will stick for you. You really have to re-live your life to keep [weight] off.

“I’ve always wanted to do this and I just think it’s a great opportunity,” she added.

Jackson and Dr. Carabeth Russell, both certified in internal medicine, do prescribe phentermine, an appetite suppressant, as part of the program.

Participants are not required to use the prescription, but are allowed to use the pills in conjunction with the rest of the lifestyle-altering program.

“It’s hard to [lose weight] with just medicine alone, and it’s hard to do it with just diet,” Jackson said.

“Our program is a little bit more comprehensive in that we supervise this medically, so we do give you medications to help, but it’s also including lifestyle modification with exercise,” she added.

“The first time you come in, you have an hour consultation,” Concord Medical spokesperson Louisa Basile said.

That consultation includes measurements from a calorie (KOHR) machine, body mass index, EKG and a glucose measurement.

Participants also visit Fort Sanders West to consult with dieticians and a personal trainer.

“You’ll meet their registered dietician and their personal trainer. They’ll set up a program with you.

“We’re not connected, really, with their program, we’re just using certain amenities,” Basile said.

Participants in the program will meet with both Concord Medical staff and Fort Sanders West staff during the six months of the program.

“Then you come back each month and, after you meet with Dr. Jackson and get another prescription … you’ll go back over [to Fort Sanders West],” Basile said.

“It’s kind of like a checks and balance,” she added.

The program also includes 18 healthy-lifestyle themed classes over the six-month period.

“They’re learning how to read labels, [having] cooking classes, [learning] how to shop, and things like that,” Basile said.

Participants also have access to free e-mails and a 24-hour support forum online.

“We never want to take the place of a primary care doctor … this is strictly about weight consciousness,” Basile said.

In fact, Concord Summit Medical provides primary care physicians with monthly updates about patients’ progress.

“You get a full, nice letter that’s very detailed that goes to the doctor about your results,” Basile said.

“There are so many programs, we’re just trying to simplify it for people,” Basile said.

For more information, visit or call Basile at 865-691-0733.


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