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FMPC rezones parcels across from Sugarwood subdivision

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission approved rezoning two parcels of land across Kingston Pike from Sugarwood subdivision at its meeting, Thursday, Aug. 20.

“Our concern with marketing this property over the last year is that it has been dually zoned, half of it being commercial and half residential,” Michael Bailey, property owner, said.

Bailey and adjacent property owner David Purvis planned to market their properties together; and to do so, needed the parcels to be similarly zoned. Bailey’s was zoned R-2; Purvis' O-1. Both men asked their properties be rezoned C-1.

“We don’t know what’s going in there right now, but we like the concept of having the whole group of properties being to our advantage and to Farragut’s advantage,” Bailey said.

Part of the advantage of developing the parcels together would be limiting the number of driveways accessing Kingston Pike, especially at a road junction that already causes problems.

“The current road into Sugarwood is 330 feet from Smith Road. Our current access ordinance requires that distances from intersections … be 400 feet,” Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said.

The grandfathered situation at Sugarwood has caused historic traffic problems, especially since Weigel’s installed an entrance off Kingston Pike, which motorists frequently use to make illegal left turns.

According to Hawk, the ideal location for any development on the Purvis and Bailey properties would be west of the Sugarwood entrance, which would be more likely if the properties were developed together.

The Purvis property also could serve as an access to an R-4 zoned lot west of Sugarwood.

Hawk recommended approving the rezoning subject to the applicants returning with a plat before the second reading before Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

“This ensures … they would all be required to interconnect, so if people were going from one establishment to the other, if they are developed separately, they would not have to go back out onto Kingston Pike,” Hawk said.

The Bailey land abuts some Fox Den properties, which Hawk said were notified of the possible rezoning via postcard.

“We have not got any phone calls with regards to that,” Hawk said.

FMPC unanimously approved both rezoning requests.

KUB later requested placing a gas line on Town property off Gates Mill Drive.

“This is a new gas line and part of the reason for doing this is the construction on Campbell Station Road,” Hawk said.

It would help ensure no one would lose gas during construction “for extended amounts of time,” she added.

Hawk said the Town was granting an easement to avoid KUB placing the gas line under a walking trail or beneath newly-planted and vibrant trees.

“This is an example of when it’s a good thing the Town staff all works together,” Hawk said.

The trees were planted from Farragut’s “tree bank,” a reserve of trees from developers who cut down trees and had to replace them.

“We just wanted to make sure the trees weren’t planted for naught,” Hawk said.

No applicant from KUB was present.

FMPC unanimously approved the easement, which also will have to be approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.


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