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• I’ve read with interest the articles over the past several weeks, including a variety of opinions expressed in presstalk, and now most recently in a front page article of the Aug. 20, 2009, issue of the farragutpress relative to the traffic islands on Grigsby Chapel Road. As a trial lawyer here in Knoxville, and a Farragut resident, long-term, well before the traffic islands were installed, I would merely state the city [Farragut] is well on notice with regards to the dangers caused by the traffic islands. And when a fatality or a serious injury occurs, no one should squall when the lawsuit comes. Because it will. These traffic islands are crudely designed and installed and any traffic engineer worth his salt will tell you that they are too wide to accomplish the effect they are attempting to do.

• I noticed that Village Green on Old Colony Parkway and Russfield [Drive] now has a bunch of “No Parking” signs to try to discourage people from parking there in the morning and afternoons while they drop off and pick up their kids at the primary school, as it does impede traffic, and I have personally seen many people not care that they block people’s driveways. My question is, when is the Belleaire subdivision going to get our “No Outlet” sign back? One of my neighbors called in a couple of weeks ago to farragutpress, and it was suggested they contact a couple of people at the Town Hall, which they did. They actually contacted [Community Development Director] Ruth Hawk, [Interim Town Administrator] Gary Palmer and [Town Engineer] Darryl Smith. The only person who responded back to them was Ruth Hawk, and that was to say that she was passing it on to Darryl Smith and Gary Palmer. As a large number of vehicles seem to think they can pass through Belleaire to get around the First Baptist Church traffic on Wednesday nights and for several hours on Sundays, especially when the church blocks one lane of traffic heading west on Kingston Pike on Sundays, this is causing some concern because we have very narrow streets in Belleaire. We have more children in the neighborhood than we used to, and we have a lot of elderly people who like to walk. So please, do not try to use Belleaire subdivision and Belleaire Drive as a cut-through, because there isn’t one. And if you do happen to come into our subdivision, please drive slow. There’s people who live there whose lives are in your hands.

• I resent being called “stupid” by [Alderman] Bob Markli. I am a conscientious driver who uses Grigsby Chapel Road daily and so far, I’ve never hit a traffic island or curb at 40 miles an hour, with or without the help of eye-level barrels. Get a grip, people.

Editor’s Note: Bob Markli’s remark was in reference to those who had run into the islands, not those who lawfully obey the rules of the road.

• I will gladly place the safety of my family in the hands of Knox County’s finest before I ever considered turning it over to some guy with a handgun and no professional training. Please use a little common sense, Mr. Markli.

• I just wanted to say I disagree with the town of Farragut giving any money for a soccer complex [at Farragut High School] because they are not in the school business, and that’s what they’ve been saying. Plus, as a comment to the person who said they were one of the “unfortunate” neighborhoods to be rezoned: I am also in one of those neighborhoods, but we don’t consider it “unfortunate” to go to Hardin Valley Academy. We actually consider it to be better than Farragut, but we also think the town of Farragut should also give them money, or any other schools in the area money, to make it fair.

• I just want to point out [to] the people who live in Farragut, work in Farragut and visit Farragut: Belleaire Subdivision always has been, always will be a subdivision with one entrance. You can only go in and out at one place. This is the way it has always been; this is the way it will always be. You cannot avoid traffic on Kingston Pike from the First Baptist Church, even when they block the one lane heading west on Kingston Pike during their services, which is very inconsiderate, to try to get around it. All you do is frustrate yourself and increase traffic in a subdivision where the roads are extremely narrow and we have children playing. Unfortunately, a lot of the people who drive through Belleaire thinking they can get through to Kingsgate or another subdivision to avoid the traffic from First Baptist


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