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ē Iím calling with a comment on behalf of Farragut Baseball, Inc. My son plays in this program, and Iíve always thought it was a good program and Iím very supportive of the program. This fall, Iíve been told that Farragut Middle School is saying their players can no longer play in the Farragut Baseball, Inc. program. Iíve been told those players can only play on the Middle School team, and not for teams at Farragut Baseball, Inc. Like I said, my son is playing this fall, and Iím hearing that Farragut Baseball, Inc. is struggling in the 14-and-unders, struggling getting enough players to play, and they may have to cut a team because of that. I think the decision by the Middle School is very shortsighted. I think itís very selfish. Isnít Farragut Baseball, Inc. a feeder program for both Farragut Middle School and Farragut High School? I would love to hear an explanation why they feel this ban on Farragut Baseball, Inc. was necessary in this case of biting the hand that has always fed you.

Editorís Note: According to the administration at Farragut Middle School, the school does not field baseball or football teams. The caller might be referring to a CBFO baseball team, which is not affiliated with Knox County Schools and could set rules at its pleasure.

ē As a teacher at Farragut Intermediate School, I regularly drive through the campus, and it is with somewhat disdain and dismay that I see the state of the landscaping. I would like to suggest that all of us, as teachers, teachersí aides and citizens of Farragut, join together for a workday. I know that I donít put in a full eight-hour day, that my day isnít quite complete, and that I could take some extra time out of my work day in order to join with my other Farragut residents in order to work on landscaping for the grounds of Farragut Intermediate School and Farragut Middle School. Letís join together as a community and bring our school up to the par it should be.

ē The townhouse my son bought for me this spring was advertised as close to greenways and parks. Driving along Turkey Creek Road, the lake and the park [inaudible] all within walking distance, I was overjoyed. I should have gotten out of the car. The traffic on Turkey Creek Road at any time of the day, Iíve tried them all, is insane. The noise, the carbon monoxide are intolerable. The greenway spells peace, tranquility, nature, not noise and pollution. Your greenway is a joke.

ē Itís a little past 7:30 [a.m.] on Wednesday, Aug. 26, and as I am coming down Russfield Drive, all of a sudden, a little white sedan, I think itís either a Toyota or a Hyundai, and Iíve never seen a car do this before, stops and parks. No flashers; no warning, right in between the ďNo ParkingĒ signs on Russfield, to walk their kids to school. Lady, do you not think the ďNo ParkingĒ signs are for you? These apply to everyone; youíre nobody special. You need to be obeying the law. What kind of example are you setting for your children? ... Please obey the law, lady. You arenít anyone special, and you should obey the law just like everyone else.

ē Ö My question and my statement would be that why doesnít [The University of Tennessee] play Farragut High School instead of giving all that money to Kentucky Western (sic)? Farragut High School could probably beat Kentucky Western, everything being equal, and we wouldnít have to be spending so much money and get more money at the University.

ē As I drive Kingston Pike two or three times weekly, I notice a building behind the old Russell House, at the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, that is painted a very brilliant pink color, and the little pump house at the side of the house, painted blue with flowers painted on it. I thought that the town of Farragut had a more conservative code for paint of outside buildings, such as the Ice-a-rama [sic], who was forced to change their paint color.

Editorís Note: Sources at Town Hall said that the painting scheme on the business does not violate Town guidelines.

ē Via e-mail: I was wondering if your new community center is considering having a Recital Hall. In my opinion it would make a great sense to have one. Just thought Iíd let you know.

Editorís Note: A community center is on the wish list of many Farragut residents, but at this time no plans for such a project is in the works.

ē Via e-mail: Second Harvest Food Bank is a vital part of the Knox County community. As the economy worsens the need for food increases. Bearden High School has raised over 100,000 pounds of food each of the last two years as they ďauction offĒ the parking lots at the school. They have already started collecting monetary donations for their contest for this year. Farragut High School recently announced that they would start their own contest. Some of the students were upset at the idea. One mother had T-shirts printed to wear during a protest of this contest. I wonder how much food could have been purchased for the cost of the T-shirts? Itís very disappointing to see a group of young people passing up an opportunity to help their community. Is walking a bit farther each morning such an important thing? More important than the hungry people in our community? I hope none of these protesters ever have to go hungry. I hope that they can develop a sense of giving and caring for others. Itís essential for themselves as well as our community.

ē Via e-mail: I think a Community Center is definitely needed in Farragut and it should definitely include athletics. Oak Ridge has a great community center with a pool, basket-ball/volleyball courts, and many meeting rooms. Our girls have participated in CBFO basketball and volleyball, and both summer league and high school swimming. For basketball and volleyball, they are always looking for courts and have to work their time around the schools that graciously let them use their facilities. For high school swimming, there is no local pool for practices and our high school kids have to drive all the way to The University of Tennessee or Maryville College. You could almost pay for an indoor pool with the proceeds from the high schools that have to rent pool time from these other facilities. All the local high schools (Farragut, Bearden, Hardin Valley Academy, Karns, Catholic, CAK, Webb and West) have to spend unneeded hours driving to these distant pools. Only Oak Ridge, Clinton and Lenoir City have local practice facilities. We really need a facility in Farragut like this.

ē Via e-mail: Iíve heard that a new community center may be on the drawing board in Farragut. A great recital hall with good acoustics would be a welcome addition to the space, and would draw the many fine singers and instrumentalists who reside in the West Knoxville area. Until that happens, some of us would like to begin a classical group, mainly of singers. There are plenty of bluegrass, country and rock groups in our area, but those of us interested in music of a more classical nature, must travel east to Knoxville, out north to Oak Ridge or south to Maryville. This would also be a way to get our high school musicians involved in a community effort.

ē Via e-mail: I am writing with great concern about some recent things I have seen. I was going to Knoxville on Aug. 14 and when my family and I got by North Peters Road there was a big, box truck with a disgusting picture of an abortion at 10 weeks and a HUGE picture of [President Barack] Obama. I think that plastering this gruesome picture on the side of a truck is very disturbing. I understand the whole pro-life thoughts, but this is not an acceptable method. Why should I have to explain something of this nature to my 5-year-old or my 8-year-old? Luckily I was able to distract my 5-year-old and my 8-year-old was not with us, so he did not have to see this. I support pro-life but not by these means. Also, I was at Farragut Intermediate School Aug. 25 to pick up my son from school. We were sitting in line waiting and my 5-year-old said: ďMom look, there is a plane pulling a sign.Ē He said: ďWhat does it say?Ē I looked and was in complete disbelief, it was a sign just like on the big, box truck, minus the Obama picture. I yet again changed the subject with him, and just said it was a plane pulling a flag. I could not believe this was flying over our schools!!!! The people doing this and/or authorizing this are absolutely disgusting, themselves. I personally do not believe this is a good way of handling the pro-life rally! They rate movies to protect our children, but yet this kind of advertising is allowed. I would rather my child hear a swear word or see a nude body part then to see these graphic ads. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion/views, but this is subjecting our kids to things way beyond their years. This is my opinion, does anyone else agree?

ē Via e-mail: I think a cultural center is a good idea for Farragut. One thing I have not found in our community is an emphasis on more classical culture, such as a chorale or instrumental music groups. Our singers and instrumentalists must travel considerable distances (East Knoxville, Oak Ridge or Maryville) to participate in these kinds of activities. A Recital Hall with good acoustics would be a great benefit to our area. There are grants available for artistic endeavors such as these and I would be glad to recommend a person experienced in this financial realm. He also is a very fine choral and orchestral conductor. We should consider establishing a chorale now so we will be ready for the possible event of the grand opening of our new Cultural Center. I lived 23 years in Las Vegas, Nev., and there we began the practice of including a Recital Hall with the building of each new library. We have lived here for 17 years and have not seen this done here, so let us grab this opportunity to include a Recital Hall. Thanks for listening.

Editorís Note: Bear in mind that the public library in Farragut is not managed by the town of Farragut but rather Knox County. The structure was built on land donated by the Town.


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