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FMS baseball response

In response to the Parent who “would love to hear an explanation why they feel the ban on Farragut Baseball Inc. was necessary.”

Here is the explanation: “there is none.”

Did not happen, has not happened and up until this unknown source raised the issue, I would have said FMS Baseball has had an excellent working relationship with Farragut Baseball.

If fact many of our coaches, past and present have coached and/or held commissioner positions on the board. I coached on the “Hill” for years in the ’90s and really can’t remember years we didn’t struggle getting fall players for 14U leagues.

Since this statement to date is second hand and comes from an un-named source, I can only respond by saying call me or anyone involved with the program and get the facts straight before issuing such an unfounded comment.

The FMS Baseball Program has no affiliation with the Knox County Schools system, Farragut Middle School or CBFO. It, like all the Middle School Baseball Teams in Knox and surrounding counties was started seven years ago to serve as an additional baseball outlet and add competitive baseball to the middle school “club team” activities list.

So, I can only apologize to you for any misinformation you received and invite to go

to FMS Web site and at the bottom of the page, use the “Contact Us” section to leave me a way of contacting you!

I would like nothing more than to discuss the state of Farragut Baseball with you.

Jim Braden



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