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• I was glad to see the [presstalk] in farragutpress on Sept. 10 regarding the primary school “No Parking” zone on Old Colony Parkway. On Sept. 10, at approximately 12 noon, as my wife and I were leaving Village Green, there were at least five, six cars lined up bumper-to-bumper in the no parking zone. The second car in line was a City of Knoxville police car. There were no adults or children in the area.

• Saw the article in the [Sept. 10] farragutpress regarding First Utility’s improvements and developments. I just wondered what happened to the promised sewer line for Sand Piper Lane? Each time a call goes in, they say “Next spring.” We’ve been waiting for many, many times. I’d like to know the status of that.

• I think that the recycling dumpsters in the vacant lot are a wonderful idea, but I’d like to know a little bit more. For instance, about whether they’re going to stay there for very long, how much it would cost the Town to support the site; but it sounds on the surface like a good thing. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: The recycle dumpster site off Kingston Pike, operated by Advanced Polymer Recycling Inc., is not in town of Farragut borders. Repeated calls to APR have not been returned. The Town recently formed a Recycle Center Committee, which is studying the possibility of establishing a recycle center for Town residents, perhaps through a public-private partnership.

• The Farragut recycle site should absolutely be supported by the town of Farragut. We live in a beautiful area of the country and should take care of our nature and our surroundings. Recycling is extremely important. Other countries, other states take great pride in it. Why shouldn’t Tennessee?

• I think it’s wonderful the recycle dumpsters are back, and yes, I’ll use it and all my friends use it. And if they leave, then it’s hard to recycle. I think Farragut should definitely support this recycle program. Thank you.

• I love the recycle place that’s opened over there. I discovered it earlier, and it’s very convenient for me. Thank you.

• I think the recycle dumpsters that are in the vacant lot off Kingston Pike near Matlock Tire, I think it’s a great idea. We used them before, and they had a thing that the one on Lovell Road doesn’t have, which is all different kinds of office paper and things like that. And that one did, and it was really, really nice. So hopefully it’s like that. We just took ours all the way to Lenoir City yesterday, because we’re saving, you know, pretty much close to $800 a year or whatever it is, to take our own trash in. So we do recycle everything; we totally believe in it. And yes, I think the Town should support it. I don’t know what that entails, but I think it’s a good thing and there ought to be recycle bins like they have down near [The University of Tennessee] on campus everywhere for aluminum cans and trash and things. I think that would be a wonderful idea. We need to clean Farragut back from all the litter. Thank you.

• I’m calling about the recycling dumpsters on Kingston Pike near Matlock Tire: we love them, we use them, and when they weren’t there, we had to drive out of our way to Cedar Bluff. We’re glad to see them back. Thanks.

• In the [Sept. 10] farragutpress, I see the article, “Through The Lens,” and it’s talking about the dumpsters. Yes, I’m older; I’m 75, and I appreciate having them closer. Some of my neighbors are that old and we all appreciate having the spot cleared closely to us. So thank you again and I hope you can maintain this. Thank you.

• You have an article in this week’s paper about the dumpsters. Very glad to see them back. They’re very convenient and they’re very nice to use. Thank you for bringing them back.

• I absolutely will use the recycle dumpsters that are back. In fact, I’ve already used them a couple of times. I’m glad they’re back; I hope they can stay. Thanks.

• Well, now that the traffic pattern has changed on Campbell Station Road at Parkside [Drive], all the arrogant, obnoxious jerks are now using the right turn lane to keep from having to wait in line with the rest of us to go straight on Campbell Station Road. I guess their time and their life is more important than anybody else’s. It would be nice if the County police would write a few “Jerk Award” tickets to some of these people, to show them they weren’t more important than anyone else.

• Via e-mail: Glad Farragut’s recycling center is back and yes I will use it again. It is at a convenient location. I’d been driving to Cedar Bluff’s recycling center. I like that there isn’t a gate at this new Farragut recycling center so you are free to drop off at any time, but for security I’d feel better if there were an attendant on the premises since the location is somewhat hidden and isolated and not as busy as Cedar Bluff. I’m not sure how safe it will be without an attendant to keep things in check, but I’m a chicken about things like this. As long as they line up the bins so cars can get in and out with little traffic jams it should be a great success. So thank you to whomever put it back on the map.

• Via e-mail: Thank goodness the containers have returned!! I realize that they are not the most attractive objects to occupy a space but I feel we have a responsibility to contribute to recycling. I hope the town of Farragut has this same sentiment and supports this effort. I will admit, when the containers were removed, my recycling efforts were not nearly as diligent and many of our recyclable items didn’t make it to a center. These containers certainly make it virtually effortless to help with the worthy cause of recycling!!

• Via e-mail: When the dumpsters were removed before Christmas last year, I saw an ad about curbside Recycle pickup service from [my local trash service]. Found out that they had offered this service since October 2008 and promptly signed up for the extra service. It is so much more convenient for me and time efficient so I don’t have to load my recyclables in my car, drive to the dumpster and manually dump them in different receptacles. The extra low cost and convenient curbside pickup was a no-brainer plus for my household!

• Via e-mail: This is in response to Ms. Mauck’s concern over the school selling her son ice cream — she can absolutely put a stop to it. I called the cafeteria and asked them to “block” my son from buying ice cream on his account because he was eating that instead of his lunch. So now if he wants it, he has to pay cash for it. All she has to do is contact that cafeteria and ask them to put an alert on her son’s account, and she can note that it’s for allergy concerns, and it might even help them recognize him if he happens to come through the line with cash trying to purchase it.

• Via e-mail: I called [my son’s] school today and found out that they were not going to show [President Barack] Obama’s speech. [My friend] and I were distraught and angry that they were not going to let them see it. I had to take our Mazda to the Mazda dealer for repairs. So [my friend] and I wanted answers. The lady I talked to at [my son’s] school said that there was a flood of calls to the school from parents demanding not to show it. She said that my call was the only one that was for viewing it. I called [my friend] and she was mad and called the [Knox County Schools] superintendent and they said that since the speech was aimed at students K-12, the schools can decide on their own. It seems to me that parents of these students were the ones threatening our schools not to show it, so everyone went to school knowing that it wasn’t going to be shown except for us. As the population was telling everyone not to send their kids to school because of Obama’s brainwashing speech to our children. We decided to take him out of school to see it. [My son] wasn’t brainwashed, politically influenced or was he scared for his life for listening to the only black president that America has ever had. Obama’s message was encouraging and enlightening by his and other peoples’ experiences. This anger towards Obama is both political and racist especially in the south. Ask yourself this when [President George W.] Bush got first word that 9-11 had happened while he was sitting amongst kindergartners. Why didn’t people say something about that? Also [President Ronald] Reagan and daddy [President George H.W.] Bush had televised speeches for K-12. As Obama was talking on the TV, hopefully being viewed by millions of young students, but it was blinded by misinformed parents and this is ignorance on their part.

• Via e-mail: I am sad to see the complaints that I read these days from the folks in the Farragut/Concord community. I moved from the area years ago when it was just a small community. I enjoy reading about the sports teams and keeping up with the area news. It seems to me that I would not want to return to this place I once knew. The more it has grown and the more the property values go up, the more you lose. I left Concord to go live in a “Big City” to work. I didn’t like the kinds of people I met in the “City” and now it appears that these same kinds of people have all moved to Farragut. The “Goodness” of the “Old Timers” has either passed on or is being drowned out by the “Wealthy Elitists,” the “Under-priviledged Criminals” or the “Greedy Wannabees!”

• Via e-mail: Just wanted to comment on a letter you received last week about ice cream being sold at the school. Seems a little ironic that cupcakes are strictly forbidden for birthdays and parties — maybe 20 instances a year — but ice cream is available each and every day.

• Via e-mail: Please remind readers that obeying stop signs is not optional. I’ve been close to being hit twice by someone running the stop sign at Grigsby Chapel and Smith Road. Also, I hardly ever see people truly stop at the two newer stop signs on Smith road. Whether you agree with them or not, you are still required by law to stop at them.

• Via e-mail: Very glad to see [the recycle bins] back. I have used them several times in the past week or so. I just took bags of tin cans, aluminum cans and plastic bottles today. When they were gone I was using my daughter’s recycle container that gets picked up by [a local garbage service] I think. I strongly believe the Town should support this site. It is just the right thing to do!

• Via e-mail: I noticed where the YIELD sign for those turning west on Grigsby Chapel Road from the south bound lane on Campbell Station Road has been changed to “Right Turn On Red After Stop.” Clearly this is a setup for revenue when the stoplight cameras are installed. A recent article in the Knoxville News Sentinel indicated that 80 percent of all traffic light camera related tickets are attributed to right turn violations (i.e., failure to come to a complete, irrefutable stop). There have been no published data regarding wrecks or injuries at this intersection, let alone any resulting from the effective use of the YIELD sign. There is a right turn only lane tunneling into a merge lane on Grigsby Chapel. Clearly this is the safe and intended design of this intersection based on the historical use of the YIELD sign. As I come home from work in the evenings I have taken special note of anyone actually coming to a complete stop. None! I bet those in the city administration are absolutely jumping for glee at the prospect of future revenue from this trap. Interestingly, I have been told that the British passed a law that any municipality is forbidden from gaining revenue from traffic cameras. As a result, most have given up the use of the devices. Please return the YIELD sign as an effective traffic flow device. The camera can then be used for those who run the red light straight through the intersection, truly a dangerous situation. At least do this until there is clear evidence that the YIELD sign results in an inordinate number of accidents.

Editor’s Note: Perhaps the sign is more intended to stop those who had been yielding at the sign from being passed in the gutter by those who disregard safety.

• Via e-mail: Three short subjects: Congratulations to the town for at least putting the traffic barrels on the Grigsby Chapel islands, big improvement over those little bicycle reflectors; I second/third the Town Board’s endorsement of the “Steel Interstate,” it’s about time something is done about the overuse of long haul trucks, the unimaginable use of fuel should be lowered and instead have trucks limited to a two state max route, the long haul should be by rail with tripling the tracks now in place; I enjoyed watching the Farragut win over Catholic but not the papers coverage in the Sentinel or farragutpress when neither one emphasized not only the differences in conference level but also the fact that Catholic had most of their players on the field for the whole game on offense and defense, I think their fine quarterback played defensive back for his “rest period.” The TV announcers were very clear about this disparity in team strength, the papers either ignored or downplayed it. Both team’s coaches and/or AD’s should be criticized for allowing the mismatch considering the more recent high schools concerns over the increase in risk of injury, especially with excessive fatigue. High praise to the Catholic boys for making it a close game and hanging in there as long as they did but it was still a foolish “experiment.”

• Via e-mail: GREAT! [The recycle bins] are back. Yes, the town should support them. I was throwing everything in the trash. Our landfills cannot take that. When I saw they were back I went to Dollar General and bought five medium white trash cans and labeled them and set them in a row in my garage. This is the way it should be for a cleaner environment. They are convenient and the greater Farragut area should support them.

• Via e-mail: [The recycle bins] may be back, but I don’t need them anymore. I faithfully used the dumpsters when they were here and was very thankful because they accepted most recyclables including paper. When they disappeared, I called [a] refuse collection company and for just a couple dollars a month, [it] provides me with a very large container for my recyclables. So, no more separating of trash, no more bins in my garage, no more flies, no more filling the van up, I’m using less gas, no more trips to the recycle centers, no more dirty hands. However, I do want to thank all of the recycling sites, you are wonderful.

• Via e-mail: This is in response to the person concerned about Farragut Employees on cell phones. All I can say is WOW! I read the comment and didn’t think too much about it until I was driving to work that morning and saw two Farragut employees mowing/cleaning the sidewalk on Virtue Road. They were working really hard making our little town the beautiful place we “expect” it to be. So when people ask us where we live, we don’t say, “East Lenoir City” or even “West Knoxville.” We get puffed up and we sneer “Faaaaarargut” and wait to see if they look impressed or not. As I pass these guys working, your comments re-enter my head and I begin to think things like: “What if these employees were on a break?” “What if those phones are property of the town of Farragut and these employees are talking to their boss(es)?” “What if one of those employees are talking to the school nurse because one of their children is sick or hurt?” “What if one of these employees is calling up his wife because he just thought of her and was telling her [he] loved her (something we all need to do more often)?” (And my favorite) “Why is this person concerned about what these employees are doing when they should be enjoying the time GOD has given them to be at the park and enjoy his beautiful creations?” Honestly, don’t we really need to worry about more important things in life other than pointing out other peoples’ faults to make our own seem smaller. Let the one without sin cast the first stone.

• Via e-mail: I’m opposed to the bins. The site quickly becomes a dumping ground for people too lazy or cheap to dispose of their bulk trash in the proper manner. I live in the neighborhood behind the lot and have no desire to see toilets, couches, grills and chairs dumped there. If the site was staffed or monitored it would be fine, but being left open 24/7 just invites the wrong kind of people. I vote to remove it or staff it.

• Via e-mail: I would like to say THANK YOU, to all the “HEROES” who visited Farragut Primary School on Sept. 11. FPS had heroes week from Sept. 7 to Sept. 11 and our children got to tell who their hero was and why, and they also got to draw a picture of their heroes. I don’t know if these people realize how much this impacted our children, but it truly does. My son came home so excited about the “autographs” he got from the heroes. He called his grandparents and told them all about it. It is such a wonderful thing that these men/women took the time to come out and meet with the children. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this and all that you do everyday!

• Via e-mail: Yes! I recycle. There are so many recycle options already available to Farragut residents that the Town does not need to make any investments that require long-term, recurring budget commitments. Over the years, I have used the paper recycle bins at the Farragut schools, the Knox County Recycle Centers at Lovell and Cedar Bluff roads, the bins previously provided by Advanced Polymer Recycle, the Greenwaste facility in Solway and the Hazardous Waste Collection Center in Knoxville. However, I have never recycled as much as I do now. … I enjoy the convenience of curbside pickup every two weeks in addition to not having to store separate containers of recyclables in my garage. Given the numerous recycling options already available to residents, the town of Farragut should only pursue recycle initiatives that partner with current providers of recycle services to promote recycling, but the Town should not compete with current providers of recycling services.


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