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Recycle bins owner credits return to Owen

Want the recycle bins just off Kingston Pike near Matlock Tire to stay?

“Use them,” Ed Bales, Advanced Polymer Recycling vice president and Farragut resident, said.

“The key to making the facility work, long-term, is we need as much material as possible. That’s the key: volume,” he added, largely because the recyclable market has not completely recovered from the poor economy.

“The more people who use it the more success we have at staying alive.

Bales credited Gina Owen, owner of Gina’s Bernina Sewing Center, with bringing the recycle bins back.

Owen also owns the lot APR has placed its bins on.

“I want everyone to know if it weren’t for them [Gina and husband, Steve], we wouldn’t be re-opening.

“They were so happy that we would come back … Gina is really the biggest party responsible for us coming back,” Bales said.

“I worked with him and worked it out so he could afford to put his [bins, pictured above,] there, just because I feel like it’s really necessary,” Owen said.

“We feel like it’s very necessary to recycle and make it convenient, I think. It’s a big thing. In our area, there’s nothing real convenient for us to recycle,” she added.

The recycle bins accept plastics 1-7, color-separated glass, mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, and aluminum and steel cans.

The site does not accept Styrofoam or trash.

In the next month or so, Bales said, he will put up an office with a staffperson manning the site a few hours a day. When the office is open, APR will accept unusual or large recyclables and electronics.

“In the future, we’ll have large metal and electronics, once the office is installed,” Bales said.

“No garbage, of course; just recyclables,” he added.

Electronics will only be accepted when the office is open for security reasons. The electronics will not be stored in the open.

Bales wasn’t sure what the office hours would be, but said it would not be a full 8 hours. The site itself will remain open 24 hours a day. The bins are checked twice a day to ensure they aren’t full.

“We want it to be clean and safe,” Bales said.

“One of the main factors to us coming back was to support Farragut, because we know the people in Farragut are dedicated to recycling,” Bales said, adding he was looking to work with the Town’s newly-formed recycle center committee.

“We’re open to any suggestions, anything to increase recycling,” Bales said.

“We hate to see people have to pay to recycle … you shouldn’t have to pay to recycle, to do what’s right,” he added.

While APR has a recycling facility open to everyone, its main business is commercial and office recycling, which it picks up from businesses.

The commercial business helps the company support the free drop-off site.

For more information, visit or call 865-521-5094.


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