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Obama supporter not credible

I have to respond to the person that called into presstalk regarding how her sonís school wouldnít show the presidentís [Barack Obama] education speech at his school last week.

Giving your opinion is fine, but when the person started in on what has become the Liberalsí new anthem, ďyouíre a racist if you disagree with this president,Ē that person lost all credibility.

The caller went as far as to make sure we all know that if you live in the South, you are most definitely a racist.

I canít stand it any longer and Iím completely insulted.

If I disagree with a president itís because of his policies and this presidentís policies in my opinion are horrible!

One more thing, she stated that [George H.W.] Bush gave a school speech on the same subject and no one said a word. Hmmmm. See, this is where liberals fail miserably. Check your history before making such statements.

In fact in 1991, House Majority Leader [Richard ďDickĒ Andrew] Gephardt (D-Mo.) accused the president of ďusing department of education money for producing paid political advertising for the president.Ē Two house committees demanded an investigation of the department and itís funds used for speeches. I donít think I heard anyone in the Congress this time around saying a word about Obama using the same money for his speech?

Liberals will continue spewing that anyone speaking out against this president is a racist because they have no other argument for the destruction this White House and Congress is causing our country.

This president is what I knew he was before he was elected, a community organizer, the most left-leaning senator in Washington, with the least experience ó two years in the Senate, one of which was used running around the country campaigning for president. He is no more than that.

Teresa Huggins



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