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• I think it’s very inappropriate for the editor to make comments to the presstalk. It was created, I think, for people to call in and give their opinion, so it’s not the editor’s place to make comments, whether he agrees or disagrees with it.

Editor’s Note: The inclusion of Editor’s Notes are used mainly to clarify or reinforce information that has appeared in our pages as documented fact. Editor’s notes will continue to be part of farragutpress editorial page.

• I wanted to call and commend the town of Farragut and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for proceeding with the traffic calming islands on Grigsby Chapel [Road]. I and most of my neighbors are all for them. I look forward to the landscaping this fall. I also look forward to the cessation of complaints about the traffic islands. Anyone who has a problem driving on Grigsby Chapel is not being attentive. Anyone who hits those islands is clearly not paying attention to their driving. If they have eyesight that is suitable for a driver’s license and are paying attention, there’s no excuse for complaining or striking those islands. I hope that everybody will learn to enjoy them. They’re an asset to the community.

• So let me get this straight: Bob Markli claims that he wants an economic development committee, but he didn’t have time to study the charter and wasn’t prepared to talk about it. He claims that a committee should be agile and that a nine-member committee is too big, but then votes to appoint 15 people. He then tops it off by trying to appoint someone who hadn’t turned in an application. That’s some fancy dancing, Bob.

• On Saturday, there was supposed to be a produce market in the lower end of Farragut, on 11 and 70, in a shopping area. My wife and I went there two or three times, there for a few weeks, a few weeks ago, and all we could find was everything but produce. People set up selling everything else. This is not produce. Now we’ve started buying fresh produce at the corner of Thornton [Drive] and Kingston Pike, and they were there, I know a month, six weeks, good people and very good produce. They are now gone. …

• It’s amazing to me that the federal government has deemed conceal-carry permit holders safe enough to carry in the national park system. It’s also interesting that the state has deemed safe to let conceal-carry holders carry in parks. So, again, the federal and state governments seem to trust us. It makes you wonder what the Farragut local government has to fear from its citizenry. Why will Farragut not allow us to carry? Why does Farragut’s leaders not trust us? I hope the Farragut voters remember that.

Editor’s Note: the state of Tennessee does not issue concealed-carry permits, the permit in Tennessee is a carry permit, which allows the gun owner to carry a handgun concealed or visible to other bystanders.

• I just wanted to say how thrilled we were to see the dumpsters for recycling put back on the Kingston Pike area. And we were taking our recyclables out to Dutchtown Road, which was inconvenient at times. I definitely think the town of Farragut should support this effort.

• I am a Farragut resident, and I am very happy to see the recycle dumpsters back in the vacant lot off Kingston Pike. I used them several times when they were there before, and I will continue to use them now that they’re back. Yes, I will support that recycle center. So this is another vote in that regard. Thank you.

• I love the recycle center on Kingston Pike. I think it’s wonderful. I don’t have to go to Cedar Bluff anymore. Thanks for doing that.

• Just reading your paper today, and I think the person who wrote in concerning Farragut and how big it is and what big shots they are, said the key word there: when people ask where they live, they don’t say Lenoir City or West Knoxville, puff up and sneer ‘Farragut,’ because a lot of them think they’re better than the rest of us. But they’re not; they’re the same as we are. And God loves them just as much as them. And I think they would do better if they were a little nicer. Also, what makes Farragut think they can run the County education? They need to leave it alone. The County’s doing a good job.

• I do not think the Town should be involved in the school business. Thank you.

• Via e-mail: I attended tonight’s football game between Farragut High School and West High School to support the FHS Football Team. It was heartening to watch how hard our team played and how supportive were the FHS cheerleaders, student pep section, Marching Band and others sitting in the visitor’s section. However, the evening was marred by several Farragut adults who loudly and obnoxiously berated the game officials practically every time a call went against the Farragut team. This was a very poor model of sportsmanship for the students, and an embarrassment to our school and town. I believe it is in our team’s best interests for these individuals to stay at home on game nights if they can’t demonstrate greater self-control. It would be a shame for our team to lose a close game because the game officials rebel against such abuse.

• Via e-mail: Standing in the Farragut Post Office at 10 a.m. for 20 minutes — in a line that goes out the door while there is only one person working behind the counter — is just a small taste of what happens to so many government-run organizations. While in line, the USPS employee was informing us that the line is so long as a result of the cutbacks affecting our local post office, in addition to a decision by the Farragut office to not replace a position of an employee that will be retiring shortly. While I simply needed a Priority Mail Flat Rate box, I was informed that there were not any boxes in the lobby to use with the self-serve machine because they do not have enough staff to stock the boxes. Our local office is always busy and should be able to financially support a staff to handle demand. However, we must keep in mind that this is a government-run organization. This is a clear example of what can happen to our healthcare if our government is allowed by us to offer a public-option in healthcare reform. Healthcare is a “just a little” more important than postage and it is our responsibility to voice our concern, raise awareness and encourage others to take action with what is happening in our country.

• Via e-mail: I’d like to comment on the individual who announced last week “God bless President [George W.] Bush and hopes that [U.S. Sen.] John Kerry [D-Mass.] doesn’t become president.” I’d like to know what year you’re living in?? Our president now is Barack Obama. He has been trying his best to clean up the HUGE mess that Bush left behind. If you’re going to comment on political issues I think that you should first know who your political representatives are. My husband is in a job with a healthcare organization where he should be getting somewhat reasonable healthcare coverage. My husband has cancer and we have to pay hundreds of dollars a week for his chemotherapy for at least the next year if not for the next few years. It serves you better to know individuals’ policy decisions rather than spewing out propaganda that’s been stuffed down your throat by the Republican Party.

• Via e-mail: In response to the opinion page in the Press, we are in favor of the recycling bins to be re-established in this area again. We have been recycling for several years now but have to go to Cross Park drive in the Cedar Bluff area. This should be so much more convenient at this location. Hope we can keep this up.

• Via e-mail: We were very happy to see the recycle dumpsters again. Hopefully, they are here to stay for a while. We have been recycling for years and have used the Cedar Bluff site although it is five miles away. The Kingston Pike location is very convenient and will be used frequently. With all the emphasis on a cleaner environment, we should say thanks to those who made this happen.


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