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‘Liberals’ defended

Last week, a woman expressed in no uncertain terms her anger with “Liberals” and President [Barack] Obama. The remarks began with what she asserted was “The Liberals” new anthem that “if you disagree with the president, you are a racist.”

Certainly President Obama doesn’t agree with that statement and neither do I. As I remember when George Bush was in office, the anthem of many Republicans, was if you were not for Bush/[Dick] Cheney you were not a patriot, which included the popular Dixie Chicks.

Democrats, whether moderate, progressive, left wing or whatever, are people of many different persuasions of philosophy, just as Republicans.

Extremism on both sides is damaging our country, the writer again states “Liberals” will continue spewing. Seems the spewers that are most being heard are on the very far right of the spectrum. Unfortunately, she seemingly does what she has accused “liberals” of doing, tarring everyone with the same brush.

She has every right as an American to disagree with the Democratic agenda as I have disagreed with numerous policies of the Bush/Cheney administration. President Obama was elected by an overwhelming majority last November and that seems to be the crux of her distress. The new administration has tried to clean up the “cut & run” war in Afghanistan, albeit eight years too late. The monetary negligence due to lack of oversight on Wall Street and reckless spending for Iraq, Halliburton, KBR and FEMA has left our country with a huge deficit.

Climbing out of that morass has not been easy to say the least, we held our noses as tax money was loaned to financial institutions and automobile corporations, Democrats as well as Republicans questioned the wisdom of that venture. Slowly, but surely, the economy is starting to inch its way back, here in America as well as globally.

Cash for Clunkers turned out to be good for Tennessee auto dealers and those of us who purchased new cars. Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act will certainly help create a healthier people and environment. Weapons systems acquisitions trend toward more efficient military equipment while scrapping systems that are no longer being used. Helping families save their homes is a tool for those who have lost their homes to foreclosure. Public Lands Management Act will continue to keep our National Parks intact for future generations. Small Business Act Temporary Extension, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (Campbell Station Road widening a recipient of $2 million dollars). The Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act (SCHIPP) and finally the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay for Equal work, which is a necessity for the number of Single Moms we have in our country.

The above policies, she may disagree with, but I see the majority of them as helping people in America to hopefully come out of a deep recession brought on by lax and corrupt fiscal policies of the previous administration, which needed to be corrected.

Barbara Snowberger



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