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ē Iím calling in about the cameras, the red light cameras. Iím glad theyíre here. I wish they would put them on each stoplight throughout our Farragut area. The sooner we put an end to these illegal drivers, the better. I hope they all get a ticket over the next couple of years. They deserve it.

ē Calling about the presstalk of Sept. 17, second column, third bullet down, about the guy calling about Campbell Station Road/Parkside [Drive], referring to ďobnoxious jerks,Ē et cetera, et cetera. Somebody might want to take a look at the yellow sign a couple hundred feet from the interstate coming south on Campbell Station that gives the way the lanes are supposedly set up straight ahead. That sign is drawn incorrectly and wrong. It is misleading. So if somebody follows that sign, they end up in the right turn only lane, and if the other lanes end up full, they cannot get over except by doing what he does not like. So maybe somebody needs to see about getting that yellow sign corrected.

ē A warm and heartfelt thanks to the five or six drivers turning left from Parkside Drive to Campbell Station Road about noon on Thursday. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for the kindness you showed to the drivers around you. I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate your willingness to allow all of us to sit in our cars, listening to our favorite songs on the radio, while watching you block the intersection for two light cycles. All we needed was some popcorn, and it would have been just as good as a movie. Anyone who was upset at being delayed for so long should instead think about all they were able to get accomplished during the wait. I had enough time to call long-lost family members, update my Twitter page and write my memoirs. It was like being given the gift of time! And just ignore those other honking, gesturing drivers. They are nowhere near as kind as you.

ē Via e-mail: I disagree with the person who wrote in presstalk last week that anyone who hits the calming islands is not paying attention to driving. I travel Grigsby Chapel several times a day. Last week, a lady pulling out of Holly Oaks did not look either way before pulling out. She pulled out in front of me. There was nowhere for me to go to avoid hitting the side of her car. I was headed straight for the calming island to avoid hitting her. Thankfully, I was going slow and I saw her in time to avoid hitting either. So, obviously, there are times when you may have to hit a calming island in order to avoid hitting a car. If the calming island was not there, there would be room to maneuver and not hit either one. I think the lawyer, who wrote in a few weeks ago saying this is a suit waiting to happen is probably right on target!

ē Via e-mail: I want to thank the leadership of Farragut, both past and present. Your hard work and vision for our Town has made it a lovely place to live. Our house guests, who come here from other areas, always notice and have a hint of envy in their comments. I can tell they would love to live in a place like this. When the calming islands on Grigsby Chapel are finished they will add more beauty and class to the neighborhoods feeding off that busy street. Those of us who live directly off Grigsby Chapel have another reason to enjoy our town, the sound of church bells at the new [St. John Neumann] Catholic Church.

ē Via e-mail: Recently in presstalk, there was an overwhelming positive response to the recycle bins near the Saplings location on Kingston Pike and thankfulness of Ginaís donation of their land parcel for APRís use. I too was thankful and pleased to see the additional recycling center and have used it weekly myself. But last Friday when I went to the location it looked like a dump! This happened the last time! I contacted APR and they said the recycling is picked up routinely, and I mentioned half the bins were closed or overflowing and needed to be addressed at once. As Shirley Nash-Pitts from WBIR-TV would say ďAPR, Clean it up!Ē In Bearden, [another waste management company] has maintained a recycling site next to the Kroger that has been used heavily and never looked like this!! The town of Farragut should look into approaching the new Kroger and working with [a waste management company] to having [its] own recycling drop off site that would be maintained well and not a health hazard! Knox County and APR should be ashamed!

ē Via e-mail: To the person who complained about Farragut adults at the Farragut vs. West football game: I am one of those who was berating the game officials. Loud? Yes, I was. Obnoxious? You bet. The refs made some TERRIBLE calls in that game! I was simply defending my sonís team from all threats - foreign and domestic. Thatís right, Iím the parent of a football player, whose son puts his body at risk every week for the team and school that we love. So what were you doing? Sitting there with a sour, superior look on your face, giving a golf-clap every now and then, talking to your neighbor about your investment portfolio or the half-time music? What were you even there for? You obviously donít know anything about football Ė because giving the business to the refs is just part of the game. Sometimes when you let them know they made a lousy call, they realize it too, and you get a make-up call against the other team. Thatís not unsportsmanlike, thatís just advocacy. The refs know it, they expect it, and some even laugh about how worked up the faithful get. But if they call it too one-sided, then it sometimes helps to give them a reminder to call it evenly. Meanwhile, you sit there on your hands, part of the ďsilent majority,Ē and judge me for lack of sportsmanship? Well, I charge you with lack of spirit. To paraphrase your very words, those who do not yell for the team are a very poor model of spirit for the students, and an embarrassment to our school and town. I believe it is in our teamís best interest for those individuals to stay at home on game night if they canít demonstrate greater LACK of self-control. It would be a shame for our team to lose a close game because they didnít feel the crowd was behind them. Ask any team in our area that has a football tradition, and they all say that Farragutís crowd has lousy spirit, that we donít make any noise, that we just sit there passively, in silence. Well, thatís not me, and Iím not going to apologize for it. If you were so offended by my loud, obnoxious behavior toward the refs, then why not say something to me at the time? Oh, right, that would lack decorum and self-control. And where were you this week? I was there at Murfreesboro Riverdale, in the rain, supporting the team and giving it to the refs for robbing us of 2 fumble recoveries that would have won the game. And Iíll be there at the next game, and the next, and the game after that, ítil the end of the season Ė Loud, Proud & Obnoxious! If you donít like it, I suggest YOU stay at home. Now for the real Farragut football fans, letís all get behind the Admirals, make some NOISE, and take this team all the way to the State Championship! GO ADMIRALS!!!


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