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• Via e-mail: I wanted to applaud you for the article about the addition of Jim Nixon to the Economic Development Commit-tee. I watched the Sept. 10 meeting when [Alderman Bob] Markli appeared to be forcing Jim Nixon down everyone’s throats. I was very uncomfortable watching as this went down. I wondered at the time if Markli had an ulterior motive and after this I still do. Nixon had not turned in his application by the deadline, did not show up at the Sept. 10 meeting, nor display any interest in being on the EDC. I have no idea what happened behind the scenes regarding the Sunshine Law. I only know if Markli had stayed out of it and the mayor and alderman had stuck to the application deadline, then none of this would be an issue. I like and respect Jim Nixon but I feel he should withdraw his application and Markli should make a public apology for his innocent actions and aggressive behavior regarding this issue. Thank you for sticking to your guns.

• Via e-mail: Please, please, please keep our recycle station open. We were very disappointed when it closed earlier and very, very excited when it reopened. Thank you City of Farragut for making this so convenient for all of us.

Editor’s Note: The recycle center is located outside the town of Farragut on property belonging to the owner of Gina’s Bernina sewing center. The Town did not participate in the return of the center.

• Via e-mail: I am compelled to write at this very moment out of frustration and for teetering on the edge of fury with my so called “educated neighbor” who is home at this writing; no doubt in his big plush comfie recliner watching his big widescreen TV while he lets his poor bored-out-of-his-gourd beautiful Labrador retriever bark nonstop at my husband who is in the drive way. This dog knows us well, so it is not out of fear that he barks, it’s fun for him. Anything becomes the highlight of his day; besides looking at just the four sides of his fenced-in yard. Why does this nincompoop of a family let the dog drone on and on??? They can hear as well as we can. Neighbors have talked to him in the past about the barking during the wee hours of the night, which came to an abrupt halt, but he thinks nothing of the abusive noise during daylight hours and has done nothing to appease the poor creature since he was brought home. We own dogs and they have been taught it is rude to bark at whatever they feel tickles their fancy. I don’t mind a bark to give a warning that something is out of the ordinary, but to be allowed to bark at a neighbor for no reason for as long as you are in his sight is bad manners as well as a bad neighbor. I really can’t wait until this sweet ignored animal comes to the end of his life, he has been such a burden to the entire neighborhood for the past eight years. He is never walked and rarely gets played with ... so why do they have a dog?? It’s so sad it breaks my heart. What a waste of a faithful friends life. Y’all please wake up and be better stewards of your animals.

• I just wanted to respond to the person calling in saying they were a Farragut Admirals fan, [and] that they were the ones yelling at the refs. I also am a Farragut Admirals fan, and I have a son there for the past few years. In fact, I’ve had two sons, one playing in the past for several years, and I have also attended every football game Farragut has played unless I was sick or some other circumstances came up. But I have never yelled at the refs, and yelling at the refs does not make them change their mind; it makes them madder than they were to begin with. So, please, all those people out there that have read the farragutpress that think that all Farragut Admirals football parents scream at the refs, that is not true. Some of us do realize that making a fool of ourselves and screaming at the refs is not the correct and polite way to act. You can be a great fan and cheer and holler for your team without making a jerk of yourself.

• The real question to consider on this Sunshine Law violation is, is this the first time that that alderman violated the law, or is he a repeat offender? If he’s a repeat offender, what other laws might he have violated?

• OK, I have a question: what are these parents thinking? All over the United States, including here in East Tennessee, schools have closed for a day or two or more because of the flu epidemic, because of viral epidemics. They told children to stay home. Yet, if you go to the store, or Wal-Mart or the mall or whatever, you see all these kids, pre-teens, teenagers and even younger kids with their moms bee-bopping all over the place. Do these parents have no sense of responsibility? Do they not care that their kids may have a better immune system than others, and they could be passing all sorts of contagions and germs to people whose immune systems are not as good? Anyone who is diabetic, anyone who has kidney disease, anybody who has severe allergies or chronic emphysema or a host of other types of disorders or illnesses, or just even old age, are more susceptible to these deadly viruses than these pre-teens, teenagers and younger kids. If your school gets closed, leave these kids at home. Take a vacation day or a sick day and stay home with them if you can’t trust them home by themselves. But be responsible. Live by example; lead by example, unless you want your kids growing up to be, well, a drain on society.

• Please, please dog owners: leash your dogs in the Campbell Station library park. Be considerate; it’s the law. Those of us who exercise would like to exercise without loose canines running through. It’s bad enough that they use the bathroom in the morning, but please, please leash your dogs.

• I wondered if anyone else was disturbed by the section in the paper this week about deer hunting? I do have respect for deer hunters, and I do know that deer hunting is necessary in the scheme of things; however, it was discomforting to open the paper and see a beautiful picture of a deer, and then have several paragraphs on all the various ways you can go about killing the deer. I recognize, again, it’s a viable sport, but I think these things need to be reserved for hunting magazines and specialty magazines, and not presented to the general public or children who might find them disturbing.


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