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• Thank you, farragutpress, for bringing the recent violation of the Open Meetings Act by one of the town’s aldermen to the attention of the citizens of Farragut. It seems to me that Mr. Markli, the Farragut Fourteen, and Mr. Nixon have all overreacted to and completely missed the point of the editorial “Overview: Sunshine” of Oct. 1. Mr. Markli’s letter (letters to the editor, Oct. 8) devoted three paragraphs to defending Mr. Nixon’s appointment, which was not the point of the editorial. If Mr. Markli takes “full responsibility for his letter,” he should also apologize to the citizens of the town for (1) violating the Sunshine Law, and (2) not knowing that he violated the Sunshine Law. The 14 Farragut residents and voters evidently agree that the violation did occur, but then disagree with the comparison to the Knox County Commission fiasco. How could this violation NOT be compared? Did we not learn anything from the embarrassment created by actions of the elected Knox County officials? Mr. Nixon must not have read the editorial before penning his letter. He was not accused in the editorial of violating the Sunshine Law. He can’t violate the law; it applies only to elected officials. It is regrettable that his appointment to the new Economic Develop-ment Committee has been clouded by misinterpretation of the point of the editorial. I can hardly wait for Mayor McGill to weigh in on this controversy.

Editor’s Note: Your wait is over, Mayor Ralph McGill’s comments are in this issue and online at www.farragutpress.


• Via e-mail: Alderman Markli, Instead of condemning the Farragut Press and offering excuses for the e-mail containing Town business that you sent to the mayor and other aldermen, why not be an adult and admit that you made a mistake, apologize for it and say it will never happen again? The mayor and two aldermen knew the e-mail was a violation of the Sunshine Law. You should have known it, too.

• Via e-mail: Are people stupid or just inconsiderate? When there is a garage sale, yard sale, estate sale or whatever they drive up and think they can park anywhere “because they will only be a minute.” We had people block our mailbox, the driveway (one woman got out and held her hands apart as if measuring how big a car is to see if it could have gotten by her car). People, you do not have the right to block driveways, mailboxes or use circular driveways to drive around. Please be more considerate next time you attend a sale.

• Via e-mail: Bravo, Ms. Snowberger! Your eloquent and diplomatic letter to the editor last week expressed the views of so many of us. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: Barbara Snowberger’s Letter to the Editor, titled “‘Liberals’ defended,” was printed Thursday, Oct. 1.

• Well, I was just wondering what happened to our little guy from Ijams park, I can’t think of his name: I think it’s Mr. Lyn. Missing him a whole lot. First thing I do is open the paper to see if he’s in there, I like his little column. If he’s not there, [I] don’t enjoy the paper. Really, really enjoy him. Wish he would come back.

Editor’s Note: Stephen Lyn Bales’ regular nature column, “Neighborhood Naturalist,” which has run weekly in the community section of the farragutpress for many years, has been postponed as Mr. Bales recovers from an illness. We wish Mr. Bales a speedy recovery, and like you, look forward to his column returning to the farragutpress.

• This is in regard to Grigsby Chapel [Road] calming islands: I don’t have to travel down Grigsby Chapel Road; however, I can cut through there and get to my destinations. I’ve been hesitant to do so because of all the negativity I’ve heard about. So from the first of August to the first of October, I’ve been using Grigsby Chapel Road regularly. I don’t see any problems. In fact, the first time I traveled along Grigsby Chapel, I turned around and went back, thinking I had somehow missed this horror that I had read so much about. There’s plenty of room on both sides as cars go by, it’s not an obstacle. As I say, you don’t even notice it. So I don’t know what all the hoop-la is about, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. The calming islands are just no big deal. 

• In regards to the e-mail about the neighbor’s dog: the dog barking at you while you are outside is bad; our neighbor is even worse. A neighbor a few doors down has a mastiff tied in the back, a small dog tied on the side, another dog inside. The mastiff barks 24/7. I don’t know why he doesn’t lose his voice. He is neglected and miserable. These neighbors had identical dogs years ago and neglected them. They died, and these people replaced them with identical breeds, which they are, again, neglecting. Meanwhile, the inside dog gets treated well and only comes outside to go the bathroom. This inside dog goes over to the neighbor’s yard and all but attacks them while they are outside, rushing up to them, barking its head off. Also, same dog, when let out, goes to same neighbors to do its business. These people actually profess to be animal lovers. It is irritating, frustrating and mind-boggling. The outside dogs will be so much better when they pass on. We won’t be, as we will just have replacements brought in to create noise, mess and be mistreated.

• I just wanted to address the situation with people dumping stuff they’re not supposed to about storm drains. I was walking my dog in Anchor Park on Sunday morning and there was obviously some oil on the water, and it had killed one of the ducks. It was totally covered in oil. And I called the city of Farragut and she said they have a problem with all the rain that we’ve had because of people dumping stuff they’re not supposed to, and it ends up in the ponds, and as a result, it’s killed some wildlife. I just thought, you know, most people don’t take that seriously. They think it has no consequences. But it does. It’s only meant for water, and not getting rid of oil from your lawn mower or old gasoline, et cetera. Because it will kill; I mean, there are children and people that fish, dogs that play in that pond at Anchor Park. So it just might be something you think was noteworthy …

• Via fax: Does the little fish on the back of a vehicle mean “bad driver”? It would certainly seem that is what it means around here. Maybe the local churches need to conduct some sermons on “living the life” and “walking the walk,” because talk is cheap and bad driving is a bad example. If you determined to not “drive the life,” please remove the little fish from the back of your vehicle(s). Fish or no fish, when someone honks the horn to prompt you to prevent an otherwise inevitable accident that you were about to cause, honking back and making rude hand signals is not the appropriate response. Make no mistake; the horn is going to continue to get blown when you’re in my lane, not looking at the road, blowing through a stop sign or red light, or any other illegal or just plain dumb move you’re making while driving. While surprisingly still not illegal yet, please also keep in mind that statistics prove that driving while talking on the phone (or texting) actually makes you 3 times as impaired as while driving intoxicated. Hopefully, you know better than to drive drunk, so why do you think that you can drive while on the phone if it makes you even more impaired? To all you NASCAR fans: please be aware that drafting really only works on a race track and it is very unlikely that your brakes don’t work as well as a race car’s either (and possibly not as well as mine either). Driving is a privilege, not a right! Hopefully, one of these days the local law enforcement will step up and help you realize this and maybe even take your privilege away.


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