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• I am appalled about what I read in today’s farragutpress about the three high school students in Farragut doing vandalism at Bearden High School. I personally think that these three students, No. 1, should be expelled from school for the rest of the year. Their parents need to be made financially responsible for the clean up of the school, as well as the students. Plus, I think the students need to be made to go to Bearden High School and publicly apologize to the student body of Bearden High School, plus I think they need to be made to work at Bearden High School for the rest of the year in doing anything that the school needs to be done, to clean up the school, as well as anything else around the school. And I think, again, they need to be expelled the rest of the year. This is appalling, that students from Farragut High School would go to such a low level. And they should not only be punished this way, but also be put on probation until they are 21 years of age. This is my feelings, and this is what ought to be done.

• I’m calling in response to the very ignorant and insensitive person who called in, complaining about their neighbor’s black lab, who said they couldn’t wait for it to die. No. 1, dogs do not bark for fun. They bark because they’re lonely, they bark because they want attention, they bark because they’re scared, or they bark because they think they’re protecting their home. No. 2, if you find this dog and its barking so offensive, and if it’s constantly barking like you say it is, that is understandable. Have you ever considered, oh, knocking on your neighbor’s door and talking to them and letting them know, “Hey, listen, we can’t enjoy our yard, our porch, whatever, because your dog’s always barking. Can you please do something about it? You do know there are noise ordinances in Knox County that you’re violating. If you don’t have time for the dog, you should contact the human society, the shelter or the Labrador retriever rescue, and they can find it a home where they can pay more attention to it.” But when you said you couldn’t wait for that dog to die, you make me sick. That is a disgusting, evil, horrible thing to say about any living creature. I hope to God you don’t have children.

• I just wanted to say Farragut High School, and even Bearden, missed a teachable moment this past week. As we know, children in the Farragut and Bearden communities through Cedar Bluff, Farragut Optimists and other sports and even academics have been rivals. Pranks are swapped each year, and you can still see the residual damage in Farragut from the previous year. If Farragut leadership and the boy wonder from Boston had been creative Thursday, a seed of dignity could have been planted. If the Farragut school administration worked to solicit Farragut students Thursday morning who would volunteer to paint over and remove the graffiti, this would have preserved honor and perhaps made Bearden students think about breaking the revenge chain. But the principal did not appeal to the student body but fanned the flames and presided over the public hanging of these young teenagers. Yes, they made mistakes, but let them provide public service versus ruining their lives. Stand for both of the schools in the community. Think first, Knox County leadership, before you go public with issues that should be managed within these two institutions.

• I feel really badly for the parents, the adults, the kids and the adults, involved in the wreck with the Powell bus. I just feel really badly for them all. I wonder if that’s the same driver that currently drives Farragut bus routes. This driver has been threatening the kids. Kids have taken pictures of the driver texting. Parents have called the schools, parents have called administration, superintendent’s office, parents have called the transportation office numerous times, and the driver continues to text as she drives. This is something that’s illegal in the state of Tennessee. They’re looking at it nationally. And if this driver has the responsibility of a bus load of children, she should not be allowed to text. I wonder if perhaps now, after this terrible, traumatic wreck, if the school system will look at their safety issues seriously, rather than ignoring them.

• Via e-mail: I want to extend thanks for three things. The first is the writer’s question and editor’s response regarding Lyn Bales. I too have sorely missed his article and wish him well. Secondly, I am loving farragutpress’ growth into a multi-section, full-color, coupon-delivering community paper. I must suggest, however, the editorial staff post the table of contents on the front page. Finally, on a more personal note, I laud the writer who nailed the hypocrisy of many of our community’s finest car owners. Whatsoever I do in traffic ... .

• Via e-mail: This weekend, a Farragut resident found and returned my drivers license, credit cards and other contents that had fallen out of my wallet while walking at Anchor Park and Turkey Creek Road. The kind woman drove to my house to return my missing property after searching my address on MapQuest. I was almost speechless when she came to my door being both surprised that I had lost anything and very impressed that she generously drove to my house to return it. In my state of surprise, I did not think to ask her name so I could send her a card or letter of thanks. I hope you will print this letter so that the kind woman will know I appreciate her efforts and other Farragut residents who read the story will be inspired by the act of kindness. Thanks.

• Via e-mail: A recent note mentioned the ease of driving on Grigsby Chapel in spite of the islands, which are supposed to be “traffic calming” or slowing. The other day I was pulling onto Grigsby at the bottom of the hill near Campbell Station Road and a large flatbed truck loaded with two pallets of bricks and the crane for loading whizzed by and passed a couple of the islands at a pretty good speed. I tried to catch the truck and near the top of the hill I did, doing 45 mph, the posted limit is 40 mph. The truck weaved a little bit but easily maneuvered the islands and I thought he’d better slow down for that 25 mph caution at the curve before Smith Road, he did, all the way down to 40. “Traffic calming?” Hardly.

• Via e-mail: This is in regards to the e-mails about the neighbor’s barking dogs. My family has just moved to what we thought was a great quiet, peaceful neighborhood in the Waterford subdivision. Boy, were we wrong. We didn’t realize that in order to live here you needed to have one or more barking dogs to keep in your yard. It seems that we are the only ones in a two-block radius that doesn’t have a dog. Not only do these dogs bark constantly, but if one starts they all do! They are outside all the time. I understand dogs bark, but if you are going to have pets you should pay a little more attention to them. As well as have a little more respect for the people who live around you who do not own animals for a reason. If I was in my yard screaming all night you would want me to be quiet. The feeling is mutual about your animals.

• Via e-mail: It is with heartfelt sadness to say farewell to our Food City store here in Farragut. I have often chosen to shop at Food City over the other local “Super” stores because the folks there have always been friendly and helpful. The staff at the pharmacy have gotten to know my family and I feel they really do care about our well being. I don’t always get that warm, fuzzy feeling from the other larger stores in the area. I’m going to miss the Food City and all of its employees. Good luck to you all. — A Loyal Customer

• Via e-mail: On June 25, the farragutpress wrote an article about Mayor Ralph McGill and his actions in concern to small businesses. The article stated: “Mayor Ralph McGill made good on promises to change Farragut’s anti-business perception as he toured Turkey Creek with wife, Marianne, last week.” This past week, Sam and Andy’s restaurant was forced by the Town to tear down [its] air-lock. This is horrendous! A small business will now have to pay more in heating costs, while making less in customer revenue. Why, because of the anti-business policies that the Town still continues under this new administration. The apparent message in Farragut is still loud and clear: “Town to small businesses ... drop dead!” As I sat in Sam and Andy’s tonight before the football game, it became very clear. The mayor’s hot air campaign promises about making Farragut more business friendly, got a cold dose of reality every time someone opened the door and a cold chill filled the room!


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