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‘Buy in Farragut’ campaign kicks off fourth year

The town of Farragut is preparing to kick off its fourth annual “Buy in Farragut” campaign, and is inviting all Farragut businesses to participate.

“We really do want the businesses to do well in Farragut, and for our community members to go to businesses in Farragut,” Town Leisure Services Director Sue Stuhl said.

The Town, which derives most of its revenue from sales tax, also is dependent on revenue generated from area residents buying in Farragut.

“Ultimately, it helps the businesses, it helps the citizens, but it helps the town of Farragut, and ultimately back to the citizens, because that’s the money we use to build the parks and greenways and roads,” Stuhl said.

“We had 130-something businesses last year, and I hope and expect we’ll have that many this year,” she added.

Stuhl said she hoped the “Buy in Farragut” campaign provides exposure to independently owned Farragut businesses that may be overlooked.

“We hope that this is sort of an, ‘Oh, I didn’t know this business was there,’” Stuhl said.

Businesses participating in the program receive free advertising through Town venues and the opportunity to hang a special events sign for six weeks.

“We really hope that the businesses will join up for this. This is free to them, and it’s a lot of advertising,” Stuhl said.

“It’s a way for them to get their name out,” she added.

The Town advertises participating businesses through local print and radio media, the government cable channel and through the Town’s Web site and social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. 

Coupons and weekly specials from participating businesses will be posted at

The Town also will provide glossy posters for participating businesses to display. 

Stuhl said she expects consumers to be more in tune with coupons and specials this year, following an economic downturn.

“Everyone wants to save money, especially right now,” Stuhl said.

Businesses are encouraged to hold sales, offer discounts and even put up special event signs to attract Farragut citizens to shop in Town businesses.

“They can use special event signage that’s not one of their four [yearly],” Stuhl said.

“It’s like a freebie,” she added.

Businesses must provide their own signage, and signs are placed under Town staff purview.

“They can have it up for that whole six week period,” Stuhl said.

Deadline for businesses to sign up is Monday, Nov. 2.

The “Buy in Farragut” campaign will be held for an expanded time period this year, from Saturday, Nov. 21, to Thursday, Dec. 31.

“I think citizens are really catching on to it too. There’s a big buy local movement going on across the nation,” Stuhl said.

Interested business owners can register at or by calling Stuhl or Arleen Higginbotham at 865-966-7057.


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