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CCS inducts ‘Greek societies’

A solid two months into the program, teachers and administration at Concord Christian School are thrilled with the feedback from students and parents with their new collegiate program focusing on holistic character growth.

This fall, CCS started an innovative program designed to help students develop leadership and academic skills.

Linda Reedy, Concord Christian Middle School principal, said, “I have seen a difference in excitement, unity and teamwork in the student body. The ninth-graders interact and mentor the younger grades. The quieter students are stepping up and taking on leadership opportunities, something we always like to see.”

Student rosters were chosen by the school staff, but the collegian members get to vote for their own leaders. Reedy says, “This is living out the principles found in the first book of Timothy in the Bible. God gave our students the spirit of power, love and sound mind. The Doulos program – doulos is the Greek word for servant – is where the students activate these important Christian principles.”

Each collegian team has three presidents and one chaplain.

Reedy added, “Being the first school to use the program is quite prestigious. We’ll be filmed and interviewed. If our example can help encourage other institutions to develop leadership programs for young people, then we’ll have fulfilled a great mission.”

Bible teacher John VandenHurk said, “I have noticed that the groups were much more intense in competition than before. Despite the competitive spirit, the groups maintained good sportsmanship towards the other teams.

Students cooperated better, and it seemed we had 100-percent involvement. He added, “In general, it has improved the morale of our students and raised an awareness to stand together in glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ashley Hughey, parent of eighth-grade daughter, Brooke, said, “The biggest impact that I have seen from the collegiate program and the leadership at CCS is the spiritual growth and the love that Brooke has displayed.”

Hughey added, “She is leading prayer, helping others with decisions, leading devotions and has been able to stand in front of a group of her peers and give her testimony. Without this opportunity that CCS has given her, I strongly believe the spiritual growth I have seen in Brooke over the last month would not have been there.”

“I think it’s a good time to get together as classmates to have fun at school and get in God’s Word since a lot of it is based on God’s Word,” said Drake Austin, a freshman.

“We are the first school to incorporate the workings of a national program called Blueprint Duolos,” Reedy said.. “This is one of the first programs that is virtually student-run from top to bottom. We administrators merely give the guidelines. Each team is called a collegian and is student-run. The program emphasizes student Christian growth in leadership, teamwork and discipleship.”

Reedy says students are asking to help teachers on a regular basis.

There are four collegians, or teams, Omega Rho, Zeta Chi, Phi Beta, and Epsilon Delta. The societies are run on a point-system. Students earn points from helping teachers in classrooms, performing community service projects, cleaning the lunchroom and other tasks that help others.

At the end of the school year, Concord Christian School will hold a riverboat banquet, congratulating students on their contributions, and their academic and spiritual growth. The winner will receive a trophy at the end of the year.


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