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More lights needed on Turkey Creek Road, resident says

Inverness resident Judy Landry asked the Board of Mayor and Aldermen what they could do about spotty street lighting on Turkey Creek Road at the Board’s meeting, Thursday, Oct. 8.

“I drive McFee Road and Virtue Road quite often at night, and they are extremely well lit. I would say that McFee, to me, is over lit,” Landry said.

“Then I turn onto Turkey Creek Road, and there are no lights from the subdivision right next to Virtue Road all the way to Brixworth,” she added.

Landry said she didn’t understand why Turkey Creek had so few lights and why McFee had so many.

“I don’t know who decides the lights, but it just really bothers me. … My real concern is why so much money has been put on McFee and Virtue for lights, when we don’t have anything on our little narrow Turkey Creek,” Landry said.

Landry said she also had a difficult time getting a light installed at the entrance to the subdivision, but Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche said that responsibility didn’t fall to the Town, but to the developer of the subdivision and the homeowners’ association.

Interim Town Administrator Gary Palmer said the Board approved the lighting plans, and that streets were chosen via complaints and/or citizen forums.

Turkey Creek has been on the agenda to be lit before, Palmer said, but it has always been turned down.

“My thought, at least, was that it was due to keeping it in the country character, the character of Turkey Creek,” Palmer said.

“You’d probably find that opinion is split in that area,” he added.

According to Town Engineer Darryl Smith, the Town has an agreement dating from the 1980s not to put too many lights near Anchor Park, to protect the lake views from homes across the street.

“There was a resolution back in the early ’80s, I think, that really limited the lights at Anchor Park.

“That was due to quite a bit of opposition,” Smith said.

Alderman John Williams asked if the Town could hold a public forum of some type for discussing possible lights on Turkey Creek Road.

“I know there’s going to be quite a diversion of opinion,” Williams said.

“Generally, at least my experience has been, in residential neighborhoods, you put a streetlight up, somebody is going to complain,” Mayor Ralph McGill said.

“There are places lights could be put where it wouldn’t shine into anybody’s window … but it would certainly help the road,” Landry said.

Palmer said he would return to the Board with a recommendation, perhaps after visiting Turkey Creek Road subdivisions homeowners’ associations.


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