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ē What a great idea, to convert that old Outlet Mall off Outlet Drive into a different kind of mall. [I] would like to see all kinds of different shops there, antique stores, craft shops, liquidation shops, a nice farmerís market the year-round. What a real coup [sic] to this area to have that kind of mall. Turkey Creek is great, but this would be a different type of mall for people who enjoy going to something different to shop. Also would like to see probably some nice little eating area that would serve like pie and coffee and desserts, and maybe sandwiches. This would be a real addition to this area. Thank you.

ē I really do think, from what I can see, that most of the population has gone to the dogs. And I agree wholeheartedly with the person complaining in presstalk Nov. 5 about people taking their dogs to kidsí sporting events. Itís no place for them and the dog lovers need to not take their dogs to these events. The same goes for parks and other public places. I imagine the rest of us having to step in or around dog poo. I once called Town Hall about people letting their dogs go in the sand boxes at Anchor Park. Another time, my family and I were subjected to dogs at a restaurant at West End Avenue ó if theyíre still there ó granted, it was the patio, but the idea is the same. Why should we have had to have our dinner where dogs were? Itís sickening and itís in total disregard for othersí consideration, not to mention unhealthy and nasty. If the dog lovers canít go to these places without their precious little pets, then I suggest people stay home with them.

ē What is it with some people, that they think laws apply to others but not to them? I hope the town of Farragut is successful in collecting its fines owed by Mike Thomas by placing a lien on his Calibur Car Wash. Donít be a dead-beat, Mike. You broke the law, now itís time to pay the fine.

ē Regarding the stores at the old Outlet Mall [near] the Cotton Eyed Joe area: I think one of the stores that could go there, that would attract more people is the Costco, Samís Club for instance, or other big stores such as Home Depot or Loweís. That area is pretty large to accommodate such big stores, and better than some small flea market type of outlet stores that the developers are thinking of. So Farragut could use some large stores such as those I just mentioned, and [I] would like to know what, if any, kinds of plans are in place for attracting such a business.

ē Iím calling to voice my frustration over the lack of participation in Halloween this year. My family and I every year look forward to Halloween: itís a great time for the kids to get out and play a little make-believe, and dress up, and have fun, and I think, quite frankly, the parents and other people get into it too. I think that, for whatever reason, religious beliefs or whatever, people have decided not to join in at Halloween. Itís very disappointing when only 20 percent of the houses even have their lights on. I understand people do travel and things like that, but for the other people that refuse to take part, I think itís disappointing to the children. I think itís a great American tradition, and itís just too bad. I live in a neighborhood that once was a wonderful place to go trick-or-treating, and now, and a lot of neighborhoods alike, itís just not there. The spiritís just not there, and itís unfortunate.

ē I would be very delighted to see the Outlet Limited area refurbished. I used to shop there when it was in good shape, and I hope that is approved. Thank you.

ē I for one would be more than happy to see the Outlet Mall open again. Itís someplace I enjoyed: the bookstores and jewelry stores and clothing stores that were in there before. So have at it, please.

ē My concern is, is there an ordinance in Farragut or Knox County regarding burning of leaves? I live near the Turkey Creek Woods subdivision and neighbors in the Kingsgate subdivision near Danbury Road, and also some neighbors in the Turkey Creek subdivision have been burning leaves every fall. I was just wondering if there is an ordinance and what should one do? Thank you.

Editorís Note: According to Farragut Development Director Ruth Hawk, A burn permit is required from Knox County Air Quality Control. The burn permits have certain restrictions ó size of what can be burned, what can be burned, etc. Obviously given the name of the agency, air quality plays a big role in getting a permit. [The town of Farragut] merged our burn permit with theirs a few years ago because getting a burn permit from us was dependent on them. We wanted to make it easier on folks.

ē This is in response to the person that put the [presstalk] in the paper about the barking dogs in Waterford subdivision. Well, she can add Bent Tree subdivision to that list also. There are a million dogs in this little three-street subdivision that constantly bark all the time, and I have seen people call animal control, and they donít even do anything. And there are no restrictions on the barking, it just goes on constantly, day and night. And Iím really sick of it.

ē I think the seniors in Farragut really do need a bigger senior center, but also, theyíre not being fair to the people in Karns: they need one too. So why not build one in between and let it service all of them? Theyíre being sort of selfish about this, and theyíre used to getting their own way. I live in Farragut, donít get me wrong, and it would be nice and I would probably use it, but itís just crazy for them to try to push Karns out and not let them have something too. So maybe they need to take this to heart. Thank you.

ē Iím calling to request that people please slow down while driving on the S-curves on Turkey Creek [Road]. Monday night, my husband was coming home with two of our children, coming home from piano lessons, and someone crossed the center line and hit his side view mirror of his truck. People are driving much too fast if they cannot stay in their lanes. And it doesnít take a genius to understand someone is going to get killed if they donít slow down on the Turkey Creek S-curves.

ē Yes, I am very concerned. I want to know if anyone has information on the homeless high-rise that theyíre supposedly building off Kingston Pike up here behind the package store, near the Pizza Hut. Supposedly thereís a homeless high-rise getting ready to go in. Iím very concerned about it. I donít think we need it in this area. I think it needs to be checked out. I just wondered if the farragutpress is aware of this, and I think the people need to be aware in this area. If you could please get this out in your newspaper where people can do something about this. Iím very upset about it: there are children, lots of childrenís schools, and itís right by a package store, and I just donít think this is something that should be happening. We should have been made aware of it before this was in the makings. If you could please get this out, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

ē Via After reading the article about renovating the old Outlets Mall I truly have concerns about the profitability of such an undertaking. I have lived in Farragut for nearly 20 years and view the Outlet Mall as a total dump and eyesore, happy itís in a hidden area. Iím not sure the citizens of Farragut are going to buy into it ever being ďupscale.Ē

ē Via To the person who thinks people who respect the American Flag should get a life, you need to get a clue. If it werenít for what that flag represents you wouldnít have your life as you know it. You especially wouldnít have the right to say the silly things you do. Too many people have shed their blood protecting what that flag represents. I have a life; itís my flag and my country. Remember the veterans.

ē Via Wish the fall harvest banners could have stayed up a little longer in town - especially with some color still in the trees. Just seems like the first week of Nov. was a little early to put up the holiday ones. Thanks to workers who do a good job of decorating anyway.


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