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Buy in Farragut kicks off

Support local businesses … and support your community.

The “Buy in Farragut” campaign will kick off Saturday, Nov. 21, and end Thursday, Dec. 31.

“We really do want the businesses to do well in Farragut, and for our community members to go to businesses in Farragut,” Town Leisure Services Director Sue Stuhl said.

The Town, which derives most of its revenue from sales tax, also is dependent on revenue generated from area residents buying in Farragut.

“Ultimately, it helps the businesses, it helps the citizens, but it helps the town of Farragut, and ultimately back to the citizens, because that’s the money we use to build the parks and greenways and roads,” Stuhl said.

This year’s fourth-annual “Buy in Farragut” campaign will last nearly six weeks, making it the longest running campaign yet.

Shoppers will benefit from four cycles of sales at Farragut businesses, which can be viewed at

“There are four periods … the first period is Nov. 21-29, the second is Nov. 30 to Dec. 6, the third one is Dec. 7 through 13, and the fourth one is the longest one, Dec. 14 through 31,” Stuhl said.

The special discounts and coupons will be posted on the Town’s Web site beginning Friday, Nov. 20. This year, the Town has 98 businesses participating.

“It’s free! I don’t now why anybody wouldn’t do it,” Campbell Station Wine and Spirits co-owner Pamela Treacy said.

“It’s extra promotion for your business, and if you’re a resident of the community, it’s kind of like community spirit,” she added.

The store will offer discounts during the campaign.

“It supports the town of Farragut, since we don’t have a property tax and all the money comes from retail, everyone who lives in the Town should be concerned about that,” Treacy said.

Ellen Jones, Dixie Lee Liquors, agreed.

“Dixie Lee Liquors is a family owned and operated business; we’ve been residents of Farragut since 1970.

“We’re proud to be a part of the strong business community and offer some great specials for the ‘Buy in Farragut’ campaign,” she said.

Phil Dangel of The Shrimp Dock said the “Buy in Farragut” campaign was critical to protect the identity of the Town.

“It’s critical to make sure the little guy continues to exist so Farragut is different than every other town,” Dangel said.

“If the little guy goes away, everybody looks the same. … And the Town becomes very generic.

“The ‘Buy in Farragut’ campaign is critical to the existence of Farragut because we must keep the sales tax base at a high level in order to support the parks … and the infrastructure of the Town,” he added. 

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