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• I’m calling about the 23-unit apartment complex in the location on Debusk Lane. You know, I don’t mind [them] putting a homeless place out in West Knoxville; that’s fine, but the problem with the location is that these people don’t have automobiles and transportation. They should put these units near public transportation, that’s one of the key things. And near other public services. This is not near anything, so I think it’s a very inappropriate place and very poor planning. Thank you.

• I’m not sure about the outcome to the home for the chronically homeless, but I do think maybe they should be located near a bus line or closer to a grocery store where they can have a little bit of access to groceries or a couple of other things. Thanks.

• First, I’d like to respond to the concept of building a homeless shelter behind a liquor store. A lot of people who are homeless are homeless because they have not been able to manage their lives with alcohol and drugs, and they are addicts. I think putting a homeless shelter behind a liquor store is asking for trouble. Although we need to do more for homeless people, I think a better area could be chosen. That might be a perfect area to partner with Habitat for Humanity and make a condominium project. Number two, Mr. [Bob] Markli [Alderman, Ward I], this is the second stupid thing you have come up with, renaming Municipal [Center] Drive, to an address that is a ridiculously long name, and it’s going to be very expensive for people to change that. Number three, responding to the people complaining about dogs: If you don’t like dogs, don’t have them. If you’ve got problems with people in your neighborhood’s dogs barking, go talk to them. Explain that they’re bothering you. As far as people bringing their dogs to public events, yes, they should be cleaning up after their dogs, and they shouldn’t be allowing them to do their thing in sandboxes. However, let me tell you, my dog has never caused as much trouble as some of my neighbors’ children. They’ve never been as obnoxious or rude or destructive as some of my neighbors’ children, and probably some of yours. So let’s just kind of kick back, take a deep breath and just learn to be nice to each other.

• In regard to all of the dogs at practices and such, I attended a couple of practices and several games a week for 15 years, and never once did I see a dog cause a problem. I did see parents cause problems. In regard to the dogs that are barking, those are always the dogs that are behind fences and don’t know what they’re barking about, but just go bark. Thank you.

• This is in regards to the homeless apartment complex they’re planning to build in Lovell Heights off of Debusk Lane. I don’t think it’s such a good idea to have it in that particular area, especially with it being within a hundred feet of a liquor store, because I’ve experienced people that [inaudible] just kept buying liquor rather than just working. And the price is too much. But yeah, I don’t think they should build it behind Frontier Liquor because that’s the worst environment … you would be looking for trouble having it near a liquor store. Thank you.

• First, after reading so many complaints about dogs and such recently, I’ve decided a lot of people in Farragut need to get a pacifier. And maybe the best thing to open at this Outlet Mall would be a great big, giant baby store where pacifiers could be bought very cheaply. As for the chronic homeless shelter, I suggest building it in Sequoyah Hills and seeing how that goes over. I’m sure the political base based in Sequoyah Hills wouldn’t tolerate it, so why should we have to tolerate it out here in West Knoxville? It’s a horrible location for it, it’s right near a day care center. It’s stupid. Thank you.

• Could the sheriff or traffic engineer explain why there are two ways into Farragut High School in the morning and only one way out? Each morning I wait through three lights, only to turn on an amber light, with a long line of cars behind me, which causes a backup by the fields. How does this make sense?

• Once again government thinks it can steamroll an unpopular idea past the objections of the public. The idea of building a permanent shelter for homeless persons adjacent to or near a day care center and a liquor store is just outrageous, and those who support it should be voted out of office. A majority of homeless individuals are alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes or persons with a criminal record. The main reason they’re homeless is that they have never worked. It is simply bizarre to spend millions of tax dollars to build apartments for losers like these. But to do so in the proposed location off Lovell Road is even worse.

• On the place for the homeless people: you know, if they would take that money and give it to Knox Area Rescue [Ministries], they would help a whole lot more people, and it wouldn’t be adding this eyesore. I know how it is; I know everybody needs a place to live. But these people need to be living in Knoxville, they don’t need to be living in Farragut. Knoxville’s got more ways of taking care of them.

Editor’s Note: The proposed site of the homeless apartment complex off Debusk Lane is not in town of Farragut limits. It is in Knox County.

• Via I believe that senior centers should be supported with tax dollars. Senior Citizens are still paying taxes and have very little return on their dollars.

• Via presstalk@farragut Bent Tree community, the [occasional] dog bark at the odd noise, passer by, dog walker, jogger, bike rider, is fine. The all day yapping and barking is one of two other problems. The noise from the auto garage working out of a rental property or the four-to-six cats that are roaming around using the rest of the neighborhood as their liter box — until traps are dropped. Barking dogs can have their vocal cords altered if you’re going to work all day or find a rich woman for them. I feel for the folks trying to sell their house.

• Via e-mail: As a retired postal worker, might I suggest the name be shortened (Municipal Drive) to that of Adm. Farragut (Blvd. would be best) Drive instead of using the full name. The problem will exist as that of MLK Blvd., as no one spells the name out in its full name, however, with the abbreviation of Admiral to Adm. and Farragut there is much more a chance of proper identification of both town and person. The street identification could also add significance to the chosen name such as Blvd. Way, Loop etc .., and thought should be placed upon its usage and popularity of the residence in the written form. Also have you considered a comment section at the end of articles and blogging, it’s a great way to obtain ideas and criticism that will lead to ideas, [you’re] only as astute as those whom critique you. Allowing photos by readers on your site also increases its viewing and popularity, which inclusion of those with permission in the newspaper would assist sales. Thank you for your time and listening ear.

• Via Farragut Intermediate School had new carpet put in recently. I’ve heard about teachers complaining of headaches while school-wide tests were being conducted in the rooms where the carpet is laid. Right now there is a student whose class is at the Middle School with no carpet and when she comes over to the Intermediate School for math she can’t stop coughing, due to bronchitis. This is what the assistant principal and her doctors believe kick-started her illness! The school seems to be trying to keep it quiet. This is outrageous. Carpets can have very dangerous neurotoxins, causing behavior, learning and respiratory problems. These are children and developing minds. Toxicity tests need to be done, parents need to know about this, something needs to be done about it, but not to brush the issue under the carpet!

• Via presstalk@farragut Regarding the flag issue, I don’t remember ever saying that “people who respect the American Flag should get a life.” I said, you should get a life! I also proudly display my American flag, but I didn’t do research before I hung it as to the correct angle, which direction the stars should face, etc. As I stated before, I’m just thankful to be able to fly it!! The next thing we’ll see is Farragut people wanting an ordinance put in place to enforce proper flag flying! Was the ordinance ever passed to prohibit trains from blowing their whistles in the middle of the night??!!

Editor’s Note: As are the laws governing the flying of the American Flag, train whistles are governed by the federal government and not the town of Farragut.


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