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Turkey Creek Verizon launches Droid

Verizon Wireless, in conjunction with Motorola and Google, launched its newest smart phone, Droid, Friday, Nov. 6.

“The cool thing about this operating system, first of all, is speed on this device … it’s really, really fast,” Verizon spokesperson Karen Schulz said at a media pre-launch, Thursday, Nov. 5.

The phone operates under the Android 2.0 system.

Schulz said one of the most exciting features of the phone was its ability to run multiple applications at once, say playing music, sending a text message and searching the Internet.

“You see, it doesn’t slow down at all, even if you run multiple applications at the same time,” Schulz said.

The Droid features a touch screen as well as a slide-out keypad “for the serious messager,” Schulz said.

The display itself is 3.7 inch, 400,000 megapixels “and more colors than the human eye can actually process,” she added.

“This also has Marketplace, with over 12,000 applications and over 400 widgets, so it serves both consumer and business purposes,” Schulz said.

Anyone can develop applications, Schulz said, meaning if someone had an iPhone app they wished to convert, they could.

New for any phone is the 5-megapixel camera with a flash.

“This is the first phone on the market with a flash, so you can take pictures at night. It has auto-focus and a four-time zoom, as well,” Schulz said.

The phone comes with a 16 GB card and shoots “DVD quality video,” she added.

The phone also allows voice searching, which can apply to simple Web searches, calls and even to getting directions.

Through Google Maps Navigation, the Droid can function as a GPS, providing turn-by-turn vocal directions and showing progress on the on-screen map.

The phone retails for $199.99. For more information, visit


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