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• The “Buy in Farragut” campaign is a good strategy to help both stores and the Town to benefit from the holiday shopping season. I hope it works. It has caused me, however, to question how effective it might be considering that traffic congestion might drive buyers to other destinations. I believe this began when the Town extended the Campbell Station Road from Kingston Pike to Concord Road. That move alone increased the traffic flow five-fold from non-Farragut drivers who use Campbell Station Road to drive through the Town when driving from north to south and vice versa. This became a much bigger problem when the traffic surge required more lanes be built to accommodate the flow. Anyone who has traveled on Campbell Station Road lately will attest to the delays and construction obstacles they have encountered. Christmas shoppers might think twice before driving through this mess. And finally, another reason that shoppers may avoid Farragut is the recent installation of red light cameras along three of the main intersections on Kingston Pike. A wrong move here would cost a driver 50 bucks of his Christmas budget. Anyway, I hope that these traffic concerns are just my imagination. But I think a little better planning and a little better timing would have helped the “Buy in Farragut” campaign be more successful.

• ’Atta boy, Mike. If you don’t have the facts on your side, make defamatory and false accusations against the Town staff, attorney, administrator and stormwater experts. Everyone else must be wrong except you and your pal Bob Markli. Why don’t you act like an adult, Mr. Thomas, pay your fine and stop attacking and threatening everyone with whom you disagree?

• I find it interesting that [a Farragut business] has a big sign out about buying in Farragut with your program that’s going on, and they don’t even support Farragut by being a member of the [Farragut West Knox] Chamber of Commerce. Just an interesting thought.

Editor’s Note: The “Buy in Farragut” campaign is not affiliated with Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce. It is a town of Farragut campaign.

• I would like to make a comment about the barking dogs. If their owners would be more strict with them and yell at them when they do that, start barking and everything, they could control a lot of this barking. And also, they don’t have to have riders or walkers or anything going around the neighborhood to constantly bark, because I’ve already seen this.

• I would like to add an ad-lib to the constantly barking dogs in the subdivision: I want it noted that I do have animals, but they’re all kept inside. They do not bother anybody else on the outside.

• I think it is a very bad idea to bring the homeless into West Knoxville because there are lots of schools: Hardin Valley schools and Cedar Bluff schools and Farragut schools. They’re putting the children in danger. I’m not against the homeless, but the homeless might be into drugs and alcohol, and their hard life might make them dangerous to children. I think the home should be somewhere that is not near to any schools.

Editor’s Note: The federal Fair Housing Act prevents discrimination in housing location for select groups.

• This is in response to the Bent Tree subdivision: I have been here for a long time, and I’ve constantly heard barking dogs. And I’ve also never seen cats or stepped in any of their waste, but I have had these dogs in my yard because I’ve had to scoop up their waste and discard it. And also, there’s another problem this subdivision is famous for, and that’s fireworks. And it doesn’t have to be a holiday. They go off constantly, all the time.

• I’m calling about this proposed home for chronically homeless: I don’t believe the taxpayers should be paying for this. I believe this encourages this type of behavior, puts a burden on the taxpayers, and is probably one of the reasons our country is about to go bankrupt.

• Mr. [Bob] Markli [Alderman Ward I], I’m sure your heart was in the right place when you suggested changing Municipal Park Drive, or Municipal [Center] Drive to Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Drive, but I think you totally skipped the big picture of expenditures. The town of Farragut would have to spend a lot of money in order to change its letterhead, its envelopes, any peel-and-stick labels it puts on things, not to mention the man hours it would take to call, write, or do both to the different vendors, other municipalities and people the Town is in contact with on a daily basis to have them update their records. And speaking from personal experience, it usually takes more than one time to get that corrected. This is not a good idea; just leave it alone. Municipal [Center] Drive is a perfectly good name. Let’s just leave it like that.

• Via I would like to know why some people feel it necessary to pile up big plastic trash bags ... full of trash/garbage/

lawn clippings etc, within minutes “after” the truck has come to pick up the trash for the week, then continue to add to the pile for the next six days? This is an eyesore to the neighborhood! Why does no one in their homeowners association tell them this should not be done? It not only makes the streets look messy, it makes the homeowner look bad and is also a bad reflection on the homeowners association as well!

• Via e-mail: Regarding the comments towards the barking dogs in Waterford, I would like to let whoever [sic] know that they need to get a life. To sit around and complain about a barking dog is something that is ridiculous! If you do not like dogs, animals or other people, then you need to move to a secluded island and sit by yourself. I would like to let you know that this person is a stuck up, angry person that needs to get a job or get a hobby. I would not want to know who this person is because I would say some things that I would regret. This just makes me so mad because everyone has dogs. Move to a retirement home if you don’t want to hear a dog bark. Whoever decided to sit around and complain I would like to tell you to get a life and go play in traffic. Thanks.

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