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GCR ‘islands’ impacting resident, Markli says

The controversial Grigsby Chapel Road calming islands were the topic of an agenda item at Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, but the citizen who asked for the item was not present.

Alderman Bob Markli said he had visited Ralph Warren’s GCR property recently.

“It does appear to me there is some issue with his property, because his property can be subdivided, and he had intentions to subdivide it,” Markli said.

“But now, with the island placed in front of it, there’s no access to it, and I think that’s his main complaint,” he added.

Warren’s property, between Holly Oaks and Weatherly Hills subdivisions, is fronted by the road’s longest island.

Markli said Town staff had told Warren he still could subdivide the land, but would have to use his current driveway as a common access point for the other lots.

“The utility and perhaps value of his property has been diminished,” Markli said.

“I can see where he would have an issue, but of course … he’s not here today to present that case,” he added.

Mayor Ralph McGill said he did not think the Board could go forward in discussions or possible action without a formal request by Warren.

“Obviously we can’t make decisions on what to do based on every conceivable potential use of adjacent properties. We have to do the best we can at the time,” Alderman John Williams said.

“We run into that in just about everything we do,” he added.

If the land is subdivided, Williams said, then the Town might have to look at reengineering that island.

“I told him that and he seems to be a pretty reasonable guy,” Markli said.

“I told him there’s a process, and if staff tells him he can’t do what he wants to do, there’s always the appeals process.

“And possibly that’s why he’s not here tonight,” he added.

“We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, I guess,” McGill said.


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