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• As a social worker of 30 years, I would like to comment that most of the homeless in our society are homeless not because they choose to be, but because of misfortune or mental illness. I think they do deserve our compassion and our support. What I am concerned about is the location of the homeless shelter. I think it needs to be based near good mental health services, such as community mental health, such as Cherokee or Helen Ross McNabb. And it also needs to be near a bus line because these people do not have transportation. So I think it’s not such a matter of caring or not caring for the homeless, but how to do so in the best possible manner, with the services they need near to their home.

• I often wonder when I read complaints about the barking dogs or people leaving out leaves or garbage and other such opinions and questions stated on presstalk, if the people complaining about this have even spoken to their neighbors about it. I’ve lived in Farragut for nine years now, and I’ve found it to be a rather unfriendly place with regards to neighbors. In my old neighborhood in West Knoxville, I knew everyone in the neighborhood, and I know next to nobody here. So if someone’s dog is barking and keeping you up, how about ringing their doorbell and explaining to them in a nice manner? It might alleviate the situation, and be a good idea. Hope everyone has a great holiday season.

• I really think the “Buy in Farragut” is a good idea; however, it would be an even better idea if there was a Costco in the town of Farragut. I’m not talking a Costco being in Knox County; I’m talking being within the Town limits of Farragut. Just think how much sales tax that one store would generate for the Town. We not only would have residents of Knox County, but the surrounding counties as well coming into Farragut to shop. I would like to see the economic development people actively go after the Costco store and locate it within the Town limits of Farragut, preferably maybe downtown.

• Via e-mail: It is very sad that while others work hard for their things, some people decide they can take whatever they want, even though it belongs to someone else. While having YOUR stuff inside of YOUR vehicle should be enough, locking your vehicle and putting your belongings inside of the glove box seem like it is one step further to keeping YOUR belongings. Neighbors, please keep your eyes and ears open.

• Via I live in Village Green and there should be a rule or something against folks that let their dogs stay out at night and bark so much. It’s totally inconsiderate. There are two chocolate labs that live in the neighborhood that bark very loudly very often late at night. It would be one thing to let dogs like these stay out if you lived on a large open lot somewhere, but in a neighborhood like Village Green it is very annoying. I like to think of Village Green as a nice quiet neighborhood. The town and its administration should see to it that this is kept under control.

Editor’s Note: There are noise ordinances in place now. All it takes on your part is to call Knox County Sheriff’s Office and file a complaint.

• Via e-mail: Regarding the writer about barking dogs in Waterford stating, among other things, the people complaining about barking dogs should “get a life” and “everyone has dogs” and “go play in traffic.” First of all — anyone working hard enough to make a living to spend lots of money on a nice home/investment does NOT want to have the serenity of their home invaded by constant barking animals. There are many dog owners working all day with absolutely no clue about their constantly barking animals while they are away. No — everyone does NOT have a dog. As they used to say, your ability to swing your fist ends at the end of someone else’s nose. I work at home all day for doctors in East Tennessee and barking dogs have made my life a living nightmare. We buy homes for many reasons — refuge, unwinding, entertaining, investment value, etc. All of these things can be shattered by the image of a chained/fenced constantly barking animal next door to a property. Until DOGS pay mortgages — DOGS don’t have RIGHTS.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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