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Stop that dog
Web site allows neighbors to send anonymous letters about barking dogs

A Knoxville-based company is hoping its new Web site will help area residents whose neighbors have noisy dogs.

“It’s kind of a community Web site. It’s a Web site committed to keeping your neighbor’s dog out of the pound with enlightening messages you can send,” Tom Feiten, director of sales, said.

Basically, the site allows you to send an anonymous e-mail (or print an anonymous letter) asking your neighbor to quiet his or her barking pet.

That cuts down on awkward or scary situations, Feiten said.

“A lot of times it’s a friend of yours, or you know them and don’t want to call the pound, so this gives people a way to communicate anonymously.

“You can even choose different types of notes: serious, funny, stern,” he added.

The “kind” message, according to the Web site, tells the neighbor: “We have noticed that your dog is happy to be here too, so much so that he/she is a very enthusiastic barker.”

The serious message is a little more direct: “I regret to inform you that your dog’s barking is a problem.”

Then there’s the humorous approach: “As much as we would all like to hear what [your dog] is trying to tell us, we don’t speak DOG.”

The site launched about two months ago by Radio Systems, a company famous for its Invisible Fence, PetSafe and SportDOG brands.

The site also contains bark-control products, as well as tips to train your dog not to bark constantly.

“Barking is a chronic problem in most neighborhood settings where you’ve got close quarters,” Feiten said.

“In my neighborhood … sound carries forever. So even a little dog barking, when you have your window open, sound carries,” he added.

The Web site was started, Feiten said, to share information with the community and provide “a way to help people solve their problems.”

The site is free to use.

“We’re not using it for any revenue. Obviously, we hope people get a little better understanding of who we are and of some of our products,” Feiten said.

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