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Weigel’s, neighborhood shops proposed for Choto

Developers of a proposed neighborhood business park at the corner of Choto Road and Northshore Drive were met with a lot of negative feedback during a limited public meeting held Thursday night, Dec. 3, in the Montgomery Cove subdivision club house.

David Dodson and Don Jones, both residents of Montgomery Cove, spoke out against the proposal, as did the majority of the people representing about 25 households in the immediate residential area.

John Huber of Huber Properties, LLC, has petitioned Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission to rezone 12 acres on the southeast side of Northshore Drive and northeast side of Choto Road from agriculture to neighborhood commercial. In addition, Huber is asking MPC to amend the Southwest County Sector Plan from low density residential also to neighborhood commercial.

Huber said, “I am a resident in this area and I wouldn’t bring in something that would detract from the area.”

Huber, a resident of Choto Bend, said the idea was to have a convenience store such as Weigel’s on the corner and commercial buildings that architecturally blend into the area.

Bill Weigel, chairman of Weigel’s Farm Stores, Inc., added that his company was very interested in building on the corner of the intersection.

“We have come a long way [in design] from our first stores to the ones we are building now,” he said.

Dodson said, “In all due respect Mr. Weigel, you’ve got us at all the entrances to this area. You can’t go out or come into this area without passing a Weigel’s and you don’t need one here.”

Huber continued to assure the group that the development would benefit the area and not detract from the residential setting.

“I believe the general description of neighborhood commercial says it best,” Huber said quoting from MPC files. “This commercial zoning district provides the opportunity to locate limited retail and service uses in a manner convenient and yet not disruptive to established residential neighborhoods … development should be compatible with the character of the adjacent neighborhoods … .”

Jones said that one of his goals in life was to have a home such as one in Montgomery Cove and that he had achieved that goal and part of the experience of living there was the pastoral drive to and from the area.

“This development will ruin that,” he said.

Others in the group asked how many of those


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