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• I used to think I knew what words meant. Now I’m not so sure. According to Mr. [Charles] Atchley [Sr.], garage and junk sales constitute a so-called “high-end” market. Itinerant vendors with weeklong leases would be responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax for their cash transactions, but neither Atchley nor anyone else would oversee the operation of these activities. And because the city doesn’t have a police force or enough staff to monitor the health and safety of 600 different high-end booths, the citizens of Farragut would get stuck cleaning up the mess when something goes wrong. And what about esteemed Alderman [Bob] Markli and his pal [Jim] Nixon? They define “business friendly” as “Farragut regulations and ordinances aren’t laws and shouldn’t apply to their friend and client,” because without special government help, Atchley’s “high-end” scheme won’t work. No thanks. I prefer a residential friendly community, because I know what that means.

• Someone needs to remind Mayor Ralph McGill as to why the town of Farragut was founded. If he wants to pander to the business community, Farragut will end up looking like Cedar Bluff.

• In response to the location of the new [elementary] school for the southwest sector [of Knox County], I personally feel the only location that is centrally located to the population is the location on McFee [Road]. Northshore [Drive]: too many people would have to drive one direction, and the three Choto locations are too close to the County line. McFee is the most centrally located for the population. Thank you.

• I agree that red light cameras should be placed in areas where driver indiscretions result in hazards to other drivers. However, the cameras at Smith Road and Kingston Pike serve clearly one purpose: to generate revenue for Farragut from Farragut residents. The city may increase their coffers at this location; however, the merchants along Kingston Pike have now lost my business. So much for the “Buy in Farragut” campaign. I’ve already changed my shopping habits. I’m now spending my $200-plus per week in groceries at stores close to where I work in Knoxville. Sorry, Ingles, Fresh Market and Kroger. Kohl’s and Stein Mart and Tuesday Morning have been abandoned for shopping in Turkey Creek, at West Town Mall. I’m sure I’m not alone in my feelings. Nice job, Farragut. You chased away one good customer. ’Bye.

• I read somewhere this week that, since the implementation of the red light cameras in Farragut, over 3,000 tickets had been issued. Good. Maybe that’s 3,000 people who will pay a little bit more attention to the traffic laws. Maybe that’s 3,000 people who will pay a little bit more attention to red lights and what’s going on around them while in their car. I just wish they’d get some red light cameras up around the schools. It is absolutely disgusting the number of parents who use turning lanes to pass, who weave in and out of traffic at high rates of speed, over the speed limit, during school hours especially, and half the time, they don’t even have themselves or their kids in seat belts. It’s bad enough they don’t give a rat’s behind about their safety or their children’s, but they have no right to endanger the rest of us. As far as I’m concerned, you run a red light, you speed, 99.9 percent of the time, you know you’re doing it. So shut up, pay the fine, learn the lesson and start paying attention to traffic laws, and drive carefully.

• I’d like to address the person who called in about the chocolate labs, trying to make it an issue because somebody used the term “chocolate” lab. I can’t believe the [farragutpress] would print such an idiot statement. There are many types of Labrador retrievers. There are English labs, there are yellow labs, there are black labs and there are chocolate labs. Chocolate labs are brown, hence the name. If you are having a problem with your neighbor’s dog, try talking to your neighbor. If it doesn’t work, you can call the sheriff’s department, because there are noise ordinances. If you’re going to have a dog, make sure you have the proper time to take care of it and spend time with it. Dogs are pack animals, and pack animals are social creatures. They need attention; they need to be worked with. My dogs know what “no” means, what “leave it” and “stop” means. Now, granted, they sometimes ignore it, but they know what it means because I’ve worked with them. Also, I will not let my dogs bark endlessly. It’s rude and it’s annoying, not only to my neighbors but to me. And, as I was mentioning, dogs are pack animals, social creatures. In the wild, wolves, hyenas, coyotes and so forth, they have an established order. When it gets cold outside, the young, the injured and the old sleep in the middle of the pack while the young and the strong sleep outside and shift positions to help keep everyone warm. This time of year, you’re going to hear a lot more barking than normal because, No. 1, the leaves are gone and it doesn’t help buffer the same, and No. 2, the dogs are cold. They are miserable. How do you feel when you’re left outside and you don’t want to be? Try being a responsible pet owner, try being caring and compassionate …

• … I just wanted to call and say I really would like to see if Farragut could get a public market. I really enjoy going to crafts and whatnot. In fact, I take advantage of [the] antique mall, Farragut antique mall, over here quite often. And I really think it would be a great addition to our Town here. It would really spice up the place around here. So you’ve got my vote for the Farragut open market.

• I’m calling to leave a presstalk. I think the public market is a great idea. I just want to say I think we should get it done before the current owner goes bankrupt, and the Town somehow gets stuck with it. Thanks.

• Via e-mail: Many thanks to the gentleman who stopped to help two teenage girls get their trucks off the road last Wednesday morning after they had an accident. Our daughters were truly blessed and our prayers for their safety that day were answered by the gentleman who stopped to help them out that morning on his way to work. We are truly grateful for his help.

• Via e-mail: To the writer that received a citation for running a red light. State law says that when coming up on a red light or a stop sign your vehicle must come to a complete cessation of movement, and judging from your English in the e-mail, [you don’t seem to understand] this means that you must stop your vehicle completely before turning right. The citation tells you of a Web site that you can actually watch video of your vehicle running the red light! Did you go to this Web site before you wrote your e-mail? Probably not.


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