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BOMA members consider gift parcel, approve CSR lighting

Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen continued discussions of naming an access road “Admiral Farragut Way” to celebrate the Town’s 30th anniversary at its meeting Dec. 10.

The Town considered an access road connecting South Campbell Station Road to Municipal Center Drive, across from Town Hall’s entrance.

The road, set on its own parcel, belongs to Farragut resident Doug Horne, also owner of Republic Newspapers Inc. (including farragutpress) and Horne Radio LLC.

“He would like to dedicate, deed this property over to the Town,” Interim Town Adminis-trator Gary Palmer said.

“It’s a generous offer, but there are some things we need to look at,” he added.

Farragut’s Municipal Planning Commission must accept public streets, which this would become were it to be dedicated to the Town.

“You could argue this is a parcel, not a street, but everybody thinks it’s a street. It’s being used as a street, and we should probably treat it as a street,” Palmer said.

If the parcel were to be recognized as a road, that could lead to another problem.

Some of the buildings with access along that street, including the former Silver Spoon, would become lawful nonconforming structures because they would have double road frontage, and could violate Town setback regulations.

Alderman John Williams asked what the process would be if the street remained a private road.

According to Palmer, Horne said the Town also could just place a street sign on the property, but he would prefer the Town take control of the street.

“If I decide to name my driveway Grand Markli Boulevard, it wouldn’t be anybody’s business but mine if I stuck a sign at the end of my driveway,” Alderman Bob Markli said.

“If I understand it right, there would be no addresses on this Way, anyway,” he added.

But Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said there was a danger with naming a street without making it a public road.

“There is a liability … if someone sees the sign, and then they call [911] and say ‘There’s been an accident at Street X,’ and then [crews] can’t find it and they go to the wrong location,” she said.

“Nothing’s ever easy,” Palmer said.

The Board did not vote on the issue; the agenda item was for discussion only.

The Board later approved street lighting for Campbell Station Road from Parkside Drive to north of Interstate-40/75.

The idea was brought forward by Jack Moore, Holiday Inn Express representative, who asked the Board for additional lighting at his hotel in November.

“Our competitors are all lit up. They’re bright. It’s not a level playing field,” Moore told the Board of other hotels off Campbell Station Road and in Turkey Creek.

The Board told Moore to pursue additional exterior lights at the hotel with Town staff, but Alderman John Williams asked if streetlights on Campbell Station would help the problem.

“There’s obviously a safety benefit,” Williams said at the Board’s December meeting.

“It is actually pretty dark out there on the road,” Town Engineer Darryl Smith said.

“I think it would improve matters for all the businesses [on the road],” he added.

The street could be lit with 16 fixtures placed on already existing poles, Smith said.

Cost would be between $8,000 and $10,000.


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